How to Increase Facebook Organic Reach upto 100K

Increase Facebook Organic Reach

The social media marketing world is highly competitive. Everyone is always trying to raise the number of their fans or followers for their business pages. Having many fans on your business page brings with it a number of benefits. The main benefit has to do with the organic reach of your post(s). Simply put, increase Facebook organic reach refers to the number of individuals that are able to view your new posts on their timelines organically. Organically means, without having to use advertisements to promote your posts.

Increase Facebook Organic Reach

In a perfect world, the number of followers you have, the higher number of individuals view your posts. When it comes to Facebook, this isn’t true. So what does this mean? It means that you have to pay Facebook to advertise your posts or discover other ways of reaching more people organically.

The Decline of facebook Organic Reach Explained

  • The first reason for the decline is many people are sharing too much content which makes it difficult to see everything on the timeline of a user.
  • Secondly, Facebook is showing content that’s most relevant to users by doing their best to avoid spam or content that doesn’t make sense to them.

8 Tips to Increase Facebook Organic Reach

The following are some of the ways or tips you must employ to surge Facebook organic reach;

Tip #1: Ensure Your Business Page Has Enough Fans

To work effectively, you need a solid fan base. Your Facebook page must have a huge following. Purpose to have at least 20k-30k followers in order to reap big from this method. For those not in this range yet, you need to use Facebook ads. Go after those you consider to follow your page most likely. Using Facebook ads entails paying for the service. However, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the costs.

Tip #2: Facebook ‘Boost Post’ is Effective at Getting Your Posts to Those That Matter The Most

When you promote your posts to your fans as well as their friends and enjoying interactions with these two groups, you drastically raise the ‘engagement probability.’ Additionally, it boasts a benefit to your future posts too. With time, Facebook starts noticing that your fans coupled with their friends are sharing your posts. Eventually, this will improve your Facebook’s organic reach, especially for the new posts. Just like with other strategies, you must do your part, with this one.

Tip #3: Publish Content on Time/Dates That Are Highly Likely To Rake More Engagement

Certain times bring more engagement compared to others. You can use a buffer in order to manage your Facebook posts. The buffer can also help you go live during particular times. However, the best way is to have a look at your INSIGHTS and then experiment with different times/dates.

Tip #4: Publish Relevant Content

Within the realms of Digital Marketing, it’s known as evergreen content. This content is important to people that read it whenever it’s published. It’s also relevant to people that will read in three months or one year. Check out this guide that explains brilliantly how you can utilize evergreen content to enjoy more traffic.

Increase Facebook Organic Reach

Tip #5: Your Personal Profile can be Your Savior

The engagement on your friend’s posts can assist you to increase Facebook organic reach. To enjoy the benefits of this, share your posts from your personal page immediately you post anything on your business page. Every Facebook user has a number of ‘friends’ within their personal profiles. When you share interesting and good things, they’ll most likely like and share it. This way, your posts get to have more reach.

Tip #6: Fewer Postings Generate Better Results

Posting on a daily basis is the recommended posting frequency. However, you must never cross the line. You need to respect your audience. By overwhelming them with similar posts on a daily basis, you’ll end up generating the opposite results. Sotrender conducted a study that concluded Facebook business pages that publish over 2-3 times every day usually experience a reduction in both organic engagement and reach.

Tip #7: Utilize a Maximum of Two Hashtags (#) per Post

Facebook is totally different with Instagram when it comes to using Hashtags. With Instagram, you can use as many hashtags as possible. However, when it comes to Facebook, the optimum number is not more than two. This is according to a study conducted recently by social bakers.

Increase Facebook Organic Reach

Tip #8: Promote Your Posts Even On Other Social Networks

This is one of the best methods to Increase Facebook Organic Reach. Never rely solely on Facebook. Use other ways to raise the exposure of Facebook posts. For instance, you can share your posts with email subscribers. A great benefit of boasting numerous email subscribers is the fact that they can be handy in helping you promote your posts organically.

Send out a newsletter immediately you publish anything on your site. Ask the subscribers to your posts on Facebook. Additionally, don’t forget to share your posts on other social media networks that boast a strong presence. Take advantage if you enjoy more following on Instagram, Twitter or even Google +.

Finally, optimize social sharing feature on your site. When a visitor clicks the Share button on your post page, your post page ought to be optimized for purposes of sharing. What does this mean? It simply means that it must have the right content, image, and title.


The management of your Facebook page is no easy task. It takes time. It demands your efforts. You have to do many things consistently. All these need knowledge and time.

Therefore, it is highly imperative to automate your tasks. Moreover, you have to utilize easy to implement techniques that can generate measurable results within a short time frame. If your budget permits you, hire a professional to manage your page for you.

All the tips highlighted above can help you increase organic reach by more than 40%. The idea is very simple. Employ Facebook ads to enhance engagement of your posts. By doing this several times, Facebook recognizes that your fans are interacting with your posts. Consequently, the network will show your upcoming posts to many of your fans organically.