How to Make Money from Blogging – A Complete Guide for Beginners

Make Money from Blogging: A-Z Guide for Beginners

To be very frank, I am not a full-time blogger. I start this blog 2 years back. I am not a regular writer. But do you know how much I make in a year from JustMyChoice? It is more than 5000 USD per annum. Of course, I took one year to reach this level but it was a great experience. So I thought to share my experience for beginners. Blogging can actually earn you a huge amount of money if you show full dedication towards your blog and if you find various ways to make money from blogging. But you can’t make money by writing a single article and waiting for visitors to see it themselves. You need to promote your blog as well as you need to make sure that you write almost every day so that you can promote every blog post to attract more visitors to your blog. When you will get more visitors, you will not only find various ways to make money from your blog but Google will also make you eligible for Google Adsense. And with Google Adsense, you can make a good amount of money by which people are not just making money for their needs, but they are actually enjoying millionaire’s life and it is a great way to make money from your blog.

But we have seen that people try their hands on blogging just by looking at other people and just by seeing that they are earning huge amount of money, but they need to see the actual hard work that bloggers do to make sure that their blogs get visible to people all around the world. They promote their blogs in the best way to make sure that they get enough visitors to their websites so that they can make enough money from that. Here is the way to start and make money from blogging for beginners from the scratch.

1.Setup Your Website or a Blog

For making money the first step you need to do is to set up your own website or a blog. It has been seen that people start blogging without even adjusting various pages and other points in their websites. They are just fond of making money by various ways but actually don’t various ways with which they can make money from blogging. For making money, you need to make sure that you design and setup your website in a way that the users and readers on your website don’t face any kind of accessibility issues. Just in case, they face any of these issues, your website wouldn’t become as popular as you want it to be. Themeforest is a good platform for selecting a wonderful paid theme.

First of all, you should know what name you want for your website and after thinking, you can register your domain name on various domain providing websites like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Knownhost etc. After that, you need to know how you can sign up for hosting. It is a little difficult process for a novice, but it can be learned from various websites present on the web. Then the aspiring blogger needs to set up his WordPress and need to add various plugins that can help him in future for performing various tasks. In the end, he needs to know how to publish a blog post at WordPress and for that also he can go to the YouTube to find all the knowledge about publishing his content. So as a blogger, you just can’t only focus on making money, but you also need to do several other tasks.

2.Start Publishing Content

After setting up your various accounts and website, you need to start writing content on the topic that you think can attract a lot of users. The best way for that is to write an article on latest trending news around the world, health or entertainment etc. If you write any of the above, you may get more visitors and hence you will have more ways to make money from your blog. For example, currently the season of cricket is trending in most of the countries, so you can write an article related to cricket which can attract a lot of readers. But before that, you need to take a decision that you will write blogs on which category. There are various categories on which people can write blogs mainly, technology, current affairs, and fitness etc. And just in case you think that you can write blogs in all these categories, then you need to add separate tabs for all these categories so that all your blog posts don’t get mixed. Now as you have chosen a category, the next step is to write a content that can go viral and just in case if any of your content goes viral, you wouldn’t be finding ways to make money in future as if your content goes viral once, you get to enjoy the presence of lots of visitors to your website. Add the best images and videos to the article that you can and then proofread your article for mistakes.

As a first timer, it is quite obvious that you would be having lots of mistakes in your article, but you should correct these mistakes and you should not think about them much as those mistakes will get vanished itself when you will start writing regularly. The images and videos in the article make the article look more interesting, thus they are really necessary to be added to every article that you write.

3.Build Organic Traffic

What is organic traffic, organic traffic are people visiting your website and are not generated by social media or any other platforms. People find your content while they search on Google’s (for instance) result page. Remember, “As there are lots of ways to which people can redirect to different websites just to increase their visitors. But this way is not genuine just in case you are looking to earn money. Even if you have Google Adsense with you this way of bringing visitors to your website wouldn’t pay you money as Google comes to know this traffic is not genuine and is computerized traffic.” And thus these ways are not good for your blog. For organic traffic, you need to take care of a lot of points.

  • First of all, you need to make sure that you continuously write great and unique content without copying anyone’s content or idea.
  • Secondly, you need to make sure that your website’s speed is quick because most of the users don’t stay at a site for much time whose speed is very slow.
  • You need to take care of the SEO of your website and for that, you need to learn about the technicalities included in the SEO, once you learn that you will be able to do a great SEO for your website. Yoast SEO plugin will support you a lot.
  • Take care of the sharing of your website’s content at different social media websites and other forums, just to make your website’s content viral. When the same will happen, the number of visitors on your website would be huge.

4.Build a community

When you start sharing your data on other websites or forum, make sure that you leave a link to your website in that data so that you can increase a visitor to your website whenever someone clicks it. And when a visitor enters your website, your motive should be to convert him to a loyal visitor that should visit your website every time you publish an article. People use various strategies for the same. As some of the people give away their handwritten e-books just to store the email and name of the visitor to inform him about the next articles which are a great idea to convert a first-time visitor to a loyal visitor. Also, there may the huge amount of visitors that may love your content, so for them, you need to make a subscription box, so that can be emailed whenever you write your next article. This way of attracting visitors is used by most of the blogging websites and is known as one of the best ways to make money from blogging by attracting visitors.

In addition to it, you can actually make a Facebook page and groups of your own and start publishing your articles there. When you feel that people at Facebook have started loving your articles, you can redirect them to your website so that you can see an immense amount of increase in the number of visitors to your website.

5.Make money

Just when you do all the hard work that is mentioned in the above-written points, you are ready to make money through different methods. The most common method of making money is through Google Adsense. Google Adsense gives a good amount of money when you publish it on your website after certain rules are being followed and if you start making money from your Adsense account, you can’t find a better way than it. There are huge numbers of bloggers that are making their living from Adsense only. So, one can only imagine the amount that Google would be paying to those bloggers.

In addition to it, there are several other methods of making money from blogging. Suppose you have a huge number of visitors daily on your website (by huge means at least more than 10 thousand visitors per day), you can ask for money from various companies to advertise their brands on your blog. It is known as “Selling Ad Space”. It can be done through networks as well. Media buying networks will connect you with advertisers. Another model is that taking a good amount of money from the companies to write an article about their products or services. It is known as “Sponsored Posts”. One article makes you earn around 500 to 2,000 dollars easily. Another method is Affiliate Marketing which every blogger knew. One more method is joining in any 3-5 best Influencers Marketing platforms. Become an Influencer and get paid for your each action.

Last but not least, you are running a blog from quite a few years and now the amount of traffic is not the same as before and you are not able to focus on your writing. In this case, you can sell your blog and believe me, you will get a good amount of money as per your blog’s standard. This is because people always look for blogs with 2 to 3 years old domains with a good amount of visitors so that they can work on it easily and can make money themselves.

But everything can only be possible if you have a certain amount of visitors daily at your blog. So concentrate on building traffic first.


This is how bloggers all around the world make money. But before you get very happy reading this specific paragraph, we want to let you know that you can’t earn money if you don’t follow the right path. And you also need to make sure that you publish various kinds of content continuously and don’t take a long break from writing. Or it can be possible that until the time you resume writing, you might have lost all your visitors. So, if you want to make money by blogging, make sure that you do a good amount of hard work as there isn’t any work in this world that can pay you a good amount of money just for doing nothing. So for earning money, you need to setup your blog with a great design and great accessibility options, after that you need to focus on your creative writing, after that you need to promote your blogs on various high traffic websites, after that you need to apply for Google Adsense and if you have huge amount of traffic, you can advertise about other companies on your website too and in the end if you are tired of blogging, you can sell your blog for a huge amount of money.

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