Don’t know How to reduce Cart Abandonment Rate while Checkout? Then You Must Try these Tips!

How to reduce cart abandonment rate while checkout or How not to lose users while checkout process? Yes! It’s possible. There are many simple tips to reduce cart abandonment rate.

As per the research, 69.2% is the cart abandonment rate in the e-Commerce industry. It means we are losing more than 50% of the potential customers who never complete the complete check out process.

Before that, we must know what are the major reasons which make users decide not to complete the checkout process? Most common reasons are;

  • Unsatisfactory Pricing (61%)
  • No Guest Checkout (35%)
  • Complex Checkout Process (27%)
  • Additional charges will appear while Checkout (24%)

If your e-Commerce platforms still have any one of the above unpleasant checkout processes, kindly change it. But it will not completely improve your conversion rate. Because these reasons were the same in 2016 and 2013. You need to do a lot more to improve your sales.

So let’s discuss some 10 simple tips which give you an insight into How to reduce cart abandonment rate while checkout

10 Tips on how to reduce cart abandonment rate while checkout

Tip #1 Transparency on the Total Cost

The sales depend on how good the trust you earned from your users. You are not supposed to show different price once the user reaches shopping cart. The price which you mentioned below the product should be the same once they reach the shopping cart too. It will build trust in your pricing. Also, please allow your users to see the estimated price, I mean cart price, without filling their details or sign in.

Tip #2 Cost must be detailed

If you are showing a single line price, it may lead to confusions. The user may think that there may some additional cost or hidden fee if the cost is in a single line. So please elaborate the cost description. Showcase all the taxes, extra fees, shipping charges. Please showcase shipping charges as ‘zero’ if you are shipping free.

Also, don’t forget to showcase the Additional services and its cost while checkout.

Tips #3 Avoid Mandatory Account Registration

People may not be interested to go for a lengthy account set up. They like to complete the process as early as possible. So ‘Guest Checkout’ option must be there in your checkout process.

Tip #4 Showcase the Price based on the Location

If you are an international e-Commerce portal, kindly do not display all location prices on the checkout page. There must be an option to select the respective country and your cart must show the respective price of that specific location.

Tip #5 Showcase Buyer Benefits on the Checkout Page

To reinforce the buyer to check out, you must showcase the additional benefits from your e-Commerce portal. It includes discount, free shipping, free return policy, free support…etc.

Tip #6 Show Supportive Products

Most of the time people forget to pick accessories when they buy products. You may showcase the accessories which are related to the product. These promotional announcements can be displayed on the last checkout page.

Tip #7 Cart Dropdown Button

Before going to the checkout, your user should be able to see what and all they have ordered. This option will help your user in case if they need to add or delete anything from the cart without complexity.

Tip #8 Give the Best Deal always

You know one of the sad thing when users reach checkout page? Users saw a box called “apply coupon”. Guess what may happen next? They turn back to Google and start searching for your coupons. They may not find coupons sometime. But their search may end on some other websites who give more discount than you. I guess I don’t want to explain the further story!

How to sort out this issue?

  1. Make sure that you have the best price or a similar price compared to your competitors.
  2. Make the ‘coupon’ box less visible. Don’t worry about the users who are coming to your portal with coupon code because they will find this hidden box anyway.

Tip #9 Split the Checkout process into multiple steps

Instead of a long checkout form, split your form into multiple steps. As per GoodUI research, users prefer short and multiple steps in the checkout process. It looks easier to the users. Also, give options to ‘edit’ the data which entered by your user.

Tip #10 Avoid asking too much Information

If your service and deal are well users will return to your portal. So make sure that your portal has a system to store their personal data and skip those details during each checkout.

Avoid asking too much information such as DOB, Sex…etc. and also avoid too many ‘compulsory’ fields in the form.


As you know, check out step is the major step in the whole conversion journey. So you need to give attention to it and update it whenever any changes required.

Be honest about the cost and other charges. Do not break the trust. Try to give the best deal always.

Monitor where people clicks and how they behave while checkouts. Make changes accordingly for a better customer experience.

How to reduce cart abandonment rate while checkout
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How to reduce cart abandonment rate while checkout
Here are the top 10 tips on How to Reduce cart abandonment rate while checkout. You must try these points to reduce your cart abandonment rate.
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