How to Search Engine Works – Apprentice Guide

How to Search Engine Works

Most of the new bloggers aren’t aware of “How to Search Engine works”. Here I would like to give a small brief about how Search Engine’s backend process works to display the most relevant results for searchers. This is the most important part of SEO. This basic knowledge may help you to perform OnPage Optimization of your web post more proficiently than earlier.

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There are five activities involved in this process. To understand this concept more effectively, you can compare this process with a library where you went to choose an SEO Guide.

how to search engine works

5 Processes of How to Search Engine Works


Crawling is nothing but Searching all the web pages linked to a website. For example: – “www.justmychoice.com” is my website and “www.justmychoice.com/how-search-engine-works/” is my web page. A software called Crawler/Spider is taking care of this task. Every search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex..etc) have its own software to perform this task. In Google case it is Googlebot.


It is nothing but creating the index for all web pages (newer as well as older). Here search engines will create an Index for all web pages and store them in a huge database. It can be able to retrieve at the later stage also.

Indexing takes place in such a systematic manner that it will store your web page under a particular keyword so that search engines can identify and retrieve that page later also. Eg: – In the library, you will find SEO books under “Internet Books” section only, not in other sections like Children’s, Philosophy..etc.


Processing is nothing but when someone search for a particular thing, search engines process the request, for that particular search string (search term), by comparing all the Index pages within the database.

In the library, if you ask for SEO Guide, they will give a list of all available SEO books.

4.Calculate Relevancy

When someone searches, usually there will be more than one web page gives the similar piece of information. In this case, to display the best, search engines will calculate the Web Page Relevancy of each web page and display the top web pages in descending order. You web page Relevancy depends on many factors.

Eg: – You will choose only the best SEO Guide among all. To select the best guide, you may take opinions from friends, websites or shopkeeper.

5. Retrieving Results

Displaying is nothing but just showing the relevant results on screen or in the browser.


This is how to search engine works. But readers please remember, this is only the ABCD of Search Engine Optimization. It is the vast subject, meantime very interesting also. please write us if you have any query or suggestions.


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