Improve PageRank – 5 Prime Ideas

Improve PageRank

Before we discuss Improve PageRank, you should know what is PageRank and why it is important in SEO.

PageRank: Intro

PageRank is nothing but an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their Search Engine Results Page. It is developed by Mr. Larry Page, Google Founder. According to Google, the values between 0-10 determine the webpage’s importance, reliability, and authority on the web.

Why is PageRank Important

When your blog or website comes to the top rank of Google;

  • Your website starts appearing on the first page of the Search Results.
  •  It will increase your Web Traffic.
  • It will generate more income for you.
  • PageRank only will help you to bring more traffic consistently for long-term comparing to any social medias.

Improve PageRank

Improve PageRank – 5 Prime Ideas

Pagerank is totally based on your Content, How properly you Optimized your blog, Links as well as Viewership. Here we will take one by one and study all details about each one.

A.Content is the King

The most important factor which determines your Pagerank is always Content. If your content is more useful, easy to understand and unique, obviously it will attract more visitors to your blog. Maintain quality as well as quantity. I believe in 750+ words article (if applicable) instead of shorter one. Take 2-3 days, research well and publish a quality+quantity content. Always think of long-term benefits. Do not get frustrated. ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

Update your blog with new contents. At least 2-3 articles in a week. Spending minimum 2 hours in a day is sufficient to do all these circuses. If you are not able to update your website weekly, it will drop down your PageRank.

(HireWriters.com – will help you to create unique articles whenever you have less time. They charge only 2$+/article.)

Your keyword, title, and content should be matching. Otherwise, your blog’s bounce rate may increase and it will drop down your PageRank. Read more on How to Perform Content Optimization in 30 min.

2.Optimize your blog post

Optimize your web pages with focused keywords. But do not overload web page with keywords. Overload may reduce your ranking. Keyword density should not exceed more than 2.5%. SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO will help you in this matter.

Remember these points to optimize your blog posts;

A.Select a focused keyword with the help of Keyword Planner, Google Adwords » After selecting a focused keyword, use this website Buzzsumo.com. This site will show you the most shared articles from other’s blog on that particular keyword » Ubersuggest.io is another website which helps you to create a stunning title for your selected keyword. Keyword Researcher is another website to create the best long tail title for your blog post.

B.After selecting a Focused Keyword Title next is Meta Tag. Meta tag should be short and simple but attractive to searchers. You should not forget to include your focused keyword in meta tags.

C.The blog post must have H2,H3,H4 with focused keyword and it should be properly arranged in between HTML tags. Please refer OnPage Optimization – Complete Tricks, point #3 to learn more about this.

D.Use synonyms of the focused keyword if it is applicable. Here Google Hummingbird will help you to rank well. It is a wide topic. So please refer Google Hummingbird and SEO.

Also, refer these two chapters to learn each and everything about optimization;


3.Create Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the best ways to get ranking. If visitors are coming from other websites to your site, Search Engine will increase your PageRank. It will create more relevancy for your site too. To build Backlinks, you can comment on others blog post. But comments should include a link to your site. Read more on Link Building.

4.Share on Social Medias

Share your post on social media. If your content is unique, easy to understand, giving satisfaction to the readers and quality maintained, your post will get the share in social medias. It will not only build backlinks but also increase your blog traffic and Pagerank. Remember, try to give an attractive title for the sharing post before sharing in social medias. It should be short and attractive to get more attention.

Also, use sharing plugins, below or above of your post.

5.Use RSS Feed

RSS feed not only retains your existing customer but also brings new visitors to your blog. It will balance a consistent traffic into your blog and improve ranking too.

We covered most of the points on Improve PageRank. Please write us if you have any query or suggestions.