In-Text Affiliate Program: VigLink Vs SkimLinks

In-Text Affiliate Program: Introduction

What is mean by In-Text Affiliate Program? It sounds so big!!! But it is one of the powerful methods in affiliate marketing. This In-Text Affiliate Program builds affiliate links on your posts. Do not confuse with In-Text Advertising, companies such as Infolinks, Chitika, BidAdvertisers..etc are In-Text Advertisers. But In-Text Affiliate Program is a quiet different method of Affiliate Marketing.

In-Text Affiliate Program

Let me explain in detail. In Affiliate Marketing, we recommend a product or service to our readers through a unique affiliate link. If our reader clicks on that unique link and it turns into action, we get commissions from the advertisers. This is an orthodox method which everyone follows. But what about the Texts which are not monetized? What if you don’t have an affiliate account with that particular company? (For example: – If you do not have an affiliate account with iPhone, how can you monetize this Text(iPhone) in your post?). Here you will know the importance of In-Text Affiliate Program. It helps you to make money from blog even non-monetized text in your post.

Advantages of In-Text Affiliate Program

  • No need to sign up an individual affiliate account with all merchants
  • It automatically monetizes and your normal text convert into an affiliate text
  • Excellent tracking system
  • Make money even on referrals
  • It is SEO friendly
  • It works with AdSense

The best In-Link Affiliate Program: VigLink Vs SkimLinks

In my experience, VigLink and SkimLinks are the best programs. They both work in a different manner than other Monetization Programs. It will not change your existing links. But in service and support, both company has a few difference. So read properly and select the best monetization network,

VigLink: – 

  • Instant Approval
  • Copy/Paste javascript. Supports REST API on request and you can Install Plugin. Installation checker is available. Plugins for WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, vBulletin, phpBB and Typepad
  • 32,000 active merchants
  • Payments via PayPal or Check. Payment fees Viglink will pay
  • Revenue share is 75%.
  • Zero payment threshold
  • Referral commission is 35%
  • Optional link override is available
  • Show available affiliate links on your page
  • Quick support
  • They take 1-2 days to calculate commissions
  • Detailed merchandise sale’s statistics

SkimLinks: –

  • It takes 2-3 days for approval
  • Plugins for WordPress and vBulletin
  • More than 17,000 merchants
  • Payment options include PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Check
  •  75% commission they pay you
  • SkimLinks pay PayPal and Bank charges
  • Payment threshold is 10$
  • 35% referral commission
  • Optional override only for Amazon.com
  • Commission calculation take 2-3 days
  • Link statistics and Merchandise sale statistics are not available

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