How To Increase Domain Authority in 5 Simple Steps

How to Increase Domain Authority of the Site

Every site owners or bloggers are concerned about their website traffic. We try to increase our blog traffic through traditional SEO techniques such as OnPage Optimization and Off Page Optimization. Most of us are least bothered about the two major Ranking Factors such as Increasing Domain Authority and Improving PageRank. These are the most important factors for search engines to rank our web pages apart from our traditional SEO Techniques. I am not going to discuss How to Improve PageRank since we discussed it in the earlier article. Today we will go through some of the best techniques to Increase Domain Authority. Let’s start with an intro;


how to increase domain authority

What is Domain Authority

“Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the “strength” of your website over time.” by Moz

Domain Authority is developed by Moz and according to Moz, DA is nothing but a measure of the ‘Power’ of our domain name. Nowadays DA is one of the most ranking factors in SERP of any search engines. So how to increase the ‘Power’ our domain name? ‘Domain Authority Power’ totally depends on the Age of our domain, Size and the Popularity of the Domain. If DA is more than 35, there will be a chance to increase the rank of our web page in SERP. Are we able to increase the Age of our Domain? Size? Of course, NO. then how to increase it? Let’s discuss now;

A must remember Equation of Increase Domain Authority

The equation is nothing but increases the number of internal links. I mean to say that try to build more internal links between our pages. But do not point all links to our homepages. i.e, the most internal links (between our pages) we have, the higher Domain Authority we get.

DA rank totally depends on few metrics such as;

  • The total number of internal links
  • Root domains
  • MozTrust and
  • MozRank

Best 5 Techniques to Increase Domain Authority(DA) of a Website

Remember again, the popularity of our site in search engines is depended on the how best DA we have. Before Google used to rank the web pages which had the higher PageRank. But this metric had gone and nowadays Google rank the web pages on the basis of how many backlinks it has, proper SEO factors, and  the content. I believe that you understood the importance of DA. So here I will give you certain points which can boost your DA within no time. Please don’t miss any points.

1. Build Deep Linking

When we are trying to build an Authoritative website and to increase Domain Authority, Deep Linking is the most important factor which we should not forget. The inner pages of our website or blog must be linked between each other as maximum as possible. That means, indirectly we are telling to Googlebot (Google’s Crawler Software) or Search Engines that each and every web pages of our site are as important as our homepage. So build inner links as maximum as possible. But we must optimize (content optimization) each and every web page for a specific keyword before building the inner links.

Let me explain with examples;

In this post itself, there are many red-coloured links. If you click on any of these links, it will go to other web pages of this site itself. That means, through this post, I am trying to increase the relevancy of other posts through inner links.

Why I have chosen certain keywords such as content optimization, Googlebot, OnPage Optimization..etc to build inner links? It is nothing but previously I published articles on these keywords or subjects which are already available on my blog.

Also, if I write a blog in future and in that post if “Increase Domain Authority” word comes, I will link back to this post. That means I am trying to increase the authority of this post too.

In Deep Linking, remember these points;

  • Build internal links to our posts or subpages for a specific keyword if it is available.
  • Build external page links within the website i.e, links from other pages such as home, about us, services…etc to our posts or subpages.
  • Try to get external site’s links (quality is must) to our web pages for the specific keywords.
  • Finally, all inner links must function properly, avoid all kinds of errors such as “Page Not Found”. Please be careful.

2. Create Quality Content

It is a hidden fact that a website which has high-quality SEO contents will rank up in Search Engines. Most of the people have doubt that how DA is related to content? Yes, it is! Let me clear! There is one major factor which is capable of increase Domain Authority of our website with our high-quality content i.e when we publish a high-quality content, other people will link to our web page for their content’s relevancy. When we have more links from other sites, it will not only increase the popularity of our site but also increase the Web Page Relevancy. The more Relevancy we get will boost up the DA.

I would like to give you certain points to keep the content rich and standard;

  • Do not duplicate the contents. We can refer and rewrite in our style, but do not copy as it is.
  • Make it authentic.
  • Our content must be able to solve our reader’s query.
  • Do not perform Black Hat SEO Techniques such as Keyword stuffing, spamming..etc
  • Take care about our grammar and spellings.
  • Do not write a content which is less than 700-1000 words.
  • Write anything for our readers, not for the Search Engines.
  • Make it neat. Do not congest with ads and affiliate links.
  • Take care of the content optimization like Title, Meta, H1, and H2. Read more on Content Optimization mistakes to Avoid.
  • Also, we can try many other metrics to create quality contents and stand out from our competitors by creating videos and publishing in video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo..etc

3. Social Media Presence is very Important

It is one of the powerful techniques to increase Domain Authority. I hope that you might be knowing this fact, a high-quality solution oriented contents will get more Retweets and Reshares among the social media. The latest Google Algorithm is giving importance to “Reshares and Retweets” of the contents to rank better in SERP. Of course, higher rank in SERP will increase the traffic and it will boost up our DA. (For example – A content which has Retweets of more than 7500 plus will position #1 in Google’s SERP). So please try to participate actively in all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumble Upon..etc.


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4. Link Diversity

To increase Domain Authority, Link Diversity is another technique. Link Diversity is an Off Page SEO concept and it is nothing but building links from various websites instead of one. When we try to build links from other websites, do not need to build multiple links from one site. Instead of that try to build as many links as possible from various websites. So each link from different websites will calculate as different entity to our targetted web page.


Points to be remembered while building backlinks;

  • Do comments only in “Dofollow” websites. If you comment on “Nofollow” websites, Google doesn’t give value for that particular link since they are “Nofollow’.
  • To build backlinks, give preference to Guest Blogging and Article Directories such as Quora, SelfGrowth..etc instead of “Commenting”.
  • Build one link from each website. Multiple links from one site will not calculate by the Google. But in Guest Blogging, you can give 2-3 backlinks such as one to your post, another to your homepage, and third link to your category.
  • Please don’t use any automated services. Manual services are always safe.

5. Age is another factor

To increase domain authority, age and popularity are the most important factors. We cannot expect that one-month-old domain will get higher domain authority shortly. So keep on adding high-quality contents and try to increase the popularity of our site through social medias. Also, build as many quality backlinks as possible for each web pages.

Free Tools to Check Domain Authority

There are few tools which we can use to check our DA. SEOmoz Toolbar is one among that which will show the Domain Authority, Page Authority, Total Backlinks, and much more. Also, we can install the Add-on in Google Chrome Browser and Mozilla Firefox. In version pro-version, we get more details. But it is costly (USD 99/month). Another free tool is moonsy.com.

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