How to Increase the Blog Traffic 500 Times

Increase the Blog Traffic

Initially, How to Increase the Blog Traffic 500 times? Are there any proven methods to follow? These all the questions we may get when we are new to blogging galaxy. As the days go ahead, your blog traffic will increase gradually. But initially, to pull 200% traffic into your blog, we can follow certain proven methods. It will help not only to increase traffic but also increase your followers and subscriptions.

Increase the Blog Traffic – 5 Proven Methods

  • Reshare your old post

This is one of the best methods to increase the blog traffic. Nothing wrong if you share your articles more than once in social medias. Most of us share our post once and forget it. But there are some people who miss our initial articles. By sharing those articles once more, our new followers/subscribers will get the chance to read that. They may reshare in their timeline also. So you should not neglect your old posts. Share once more in social medias or email again to your subscribers with the new title. This is a proven method. It will increase blog traffic and popularity.

No one cares every little thing you do online. It is our responsibility that we should endeavor to reach the maximum. So reshare your old post after two weeks, one month or a year later.

  • Publishing great contents

It is always important that writing a great content. Instead of writing short articles and publishing daily, research well and produce a great article will automatically produce more followers, more reshares in social medias and more subscribers. People always need sufficient information. It is your responsibility to give the best. Take two or three days but publish a valuable article. When a person who reads your articles through any channels(social medias or search engines) might like your content and become a frequent visitor to your blog if you maintain the quality of articles.

  • Use another content format 

Personally, it worked a lot for me when I was new. Transform your blog content into other formats such as videos, recordings, slide presentations and PDF formats.

Screencast: – Make videos of a particular subject (example: – How to install WordPress, How to use Shareasale Dashboard) and publish on Youtube.

Podcast: – Voice recordings can upload into iTunes (Ex: – Record yourself reading your article and upload).

Slide Presentation: – Create a slide show of your post’s feature images and upload to SlideShare.

EBook: – You can create a PDF format eBook with the series of your articles, regarding a particular subject (ex: – Affiliate Marketing), and Tweet it or share on facebook. The above methods work a lot to get good traffic.

  • Use Keyword Planner

Before selecting your post’s title and focus keyword, always have a look on Google’s Keyword Planner. There you can find out, what people use to search and which keywords are using more. Always select a medium or low competition keyword, but the volume of searchers should be more per month.

  • Use Google Search

First, see this image, you will get a clear idea of what I am going to explain,

increase the blog traffic

Go to Google.com » Type your post’s title with double quotes in the Search Box

If there is no exact result, use that particular title for your post and your blog will be going rock. The result shows that there is no competition for that particular title. You get a huge opportunity to rank well in the SERPs. Most of the bloggers are unaware of this technique. But you cannot do this for all title, but there are certain titles you can modify.