Install WordPress – Detailed explanation

Install WordPress

In this chapter, we will discuss how to install WordPress. In the previous chapter, we explained each and every detail about how to start the blog today and its essential keys. In this chapter, we will help you to install your blog/website’s theme with WordPress.

install wordpress

Install WordPress – Choose your theme

In the first step, you have to choose a theme for your blog. Open www.wordpress.org, click on THEMES tab and choose a nice theme and see its preview. It is not necessary that you have to download the theme. Instead of that, please remember the name of the theme you liked.

Important note: – Beginners please select any basic themes (example – Twenty Twelve or Twenty Sixteen) which will help you to get practice in WordPress and its Plugins. Later you can change to any responsive themes which will not affect your previous settings. Anyway, we will help you in all the way to switch your current theme later. But for the time being, it is better to select any basic theme which we have mentioned above.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Install WordPress – Open the Control Panel (C-panel)

[Note: – We are showing below contents with the help of Hostgator’s demo C-Panel. People who have taken other hosting package also can follow our instructions. There is no major difference between hosting Cpanel’s settings.]

Open the C-panel of your Hosting site (Hosting site – from where you have purchased your hosting package). There are three ways you can open the C-panel. Please follow this step to open the C-panel.

In your web browser just type as follows


(Example – http://www.amazon.com:2082)

Install WordPress – Final Setup

Once you have opened your C-panel, please follow below steps to complete the process.

Go to Software & Services

Click on Softaculous

Click on WordPress

Click on Install

In Software Setup

  • Choose Protocol – http://www
  • Choose Domain – your domain name
  • In Directory – please remove “WP

In Site Settings

  • Site Name – Your Blog name (example – If domain name is getmymoney.in, then blog name you can mention as GetMyMoney or Get My Money)
  • Site Description – Write any description about your site (example-A blog for updating latest health news).

Note: -Site description you can change later also. It is there in Dashboard of your blog. In Dashboard, go to Settings and click on General and rewrite your desired Tagline.

  • Enable Multisite – Do not check it. Leave it blank

Admin Account

  • Admin Username – Choose any username
  • Admin Password – A strong password
  • Admin Email – A valid email address

Note – Remember your username and password. This username and password you must enter to login into your Dashboard later.

(Example – www.amazon.in/wp-admin. Here without your above username and password, you can’t login to Dashboard)

  • Choose Language – English
  • Limit login attempts – Check In or Enable
  • Email Installation details to – Here enter your Admin Email address which is entered in Admin Account setup.
  • And finally, click on INSTALL and wait for propagation (configuring your site into air/website server). Your Hosting service provider will do that.

Propagation may take up to 24 hours. You can check on your browser. Or check with this link. Also, you can contact your service provider via call or email. Once propagation has done, please type


 (Example – www.amazon.in/wp-admin)

Here enter your username and password which you have created above. Start building your brand new website.

Please click on below chapters for further settings/setup of your blog theme.

Chapter 1 – Start blog

Chapter 2 – After downloading WordPress

Chapter 3 –  SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Chapter 5 – Yoast SEO Plugin Complete Tutorial

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