Why You Must Use Long Tail Keywords for 10X Web Traffic

Long Tail Keywords – Beginners Guide

Before starting a website and starting to think that you will be able to make money through your website, you need to make sure that somewhere around your mind you have a point which is that you are not the only one who is running a blog or a website of your kind. There would be thousands of people that are running their own blogs and many of them have different categories. So, it is quite possible that somewhere around the world there would be a blogger who is providing the knowledge in the same category in which you are writing. So, how will you move ahead of that blogger or webmaster and generate more traffic than him? First of all you don’t need to take him as a competition, take him as a source of knowledge as he may know plenty of things that you don’t know and by reading his blogs you can actually enhance your knowledge and then you can add your knowledge as well as his knowledge into your future articles and can gather huge amount of traffic for a fantastically written article. But if you are a new website, how will people get to know about your post, how will you rank high in search results and how can you get more visitors than your competitive blogs. The answer is by using Long Tail Keywords.

What is Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are key phrases which contain more than 3 words. Though these Long Tail Keywords have less search traffic, the conversion is very high. For example; a focus keyword which is known as a high traffic keyword (search volumes are so high) but if you optimize your site or content for that keyword, the amount of competition would be really high and to bring that keyword to the top of search results would be really difficult and will take top SEO experts to do that and it will take a good amount of time to bring a focus keyword to top of the search rankings. On the other hand, if you use a Long Tail Keyword, they don’t usually have more traffic, but bringing them on top of search results is quite easy. Just for an example keyword “Adsense” would be having a tough competition but a lot of traffic, on the other hand, “how to make money from Adsense” would be having less amount of traffic, but taking this tail keyword to the top of search results is much easier as the competition, in this case, would be very low.

How Long Tail Keywords benefits a Blogger

We all know that as a website owner we just need traffic and we don’t actually care from where that traffic comes as long as the traffic is organic. If a blogger wants to optimize his blog for a focus keyword, they must need to do two tasks at the same time, one, they need to write further articles for their blog with the focus keyword (same niche articles) and second, they must do SEO of the focus keyword at the same time. This is because bringing the focus keyword to top of search results is not at all easy and even for a best of SEO expert, it almost takes 3-6 months to bring the focus keyword to the top which is a huge time for a blogger who is just new to the field and who just looking for various ways of making money. We can take the example of astrology bloggers, as if they add love spells to their website, they would be facing serious problems because the keyword have a lot of traffic, but the competition for the same is very high too. On the other hand, if the astrologer adds “How to use love spells”, there would be less traffic, but eventually bringing this keyword high on search results would be quite easy. And if we think from a searcher point of view who is looking for a way of using a love spell, he wouldn’t type love spells at the search box as if he types the same, he will get various websites and astrologers which are specialized in casting love spells. However, if he types how to use love spells, then only he will get his desired result and in search results, you will see your website too and in this way, the visitors on your website would be increased.

Long Tail Keywords in PPC

It has been seen that when a person feels that his website is not getting enough traffic that he was expecting, he chooses various methods using which he can bring an immense amount of traffic on his website and one of the best ways of doing this is going for Pay per Click Ads or as we say PPC. For PPC, one needs to pay a good amount of money through but is very much possible that by investing your money in these ads you will get a good amount of genuine traffic on your website. This way of generating traffic is used by website owners all around the world. In this method too, long tail keywords help a website owner very much. This is because when we apply an ad for a focus keyword, the CPC comes very high, however for a long tail keyword, the CPC amount is very low.

For example, if we try to apply an ad on keyword “heat energy” the CPC is 6.63, however when we use the long tail keyword ”what is heat energy” the CPC comes down to 0.49. This is a huge amount of difference and it can only be imagined while reading, however, the actual difference would be felt by the one who is spending money on these ads. Because suppose if you have a budget of $10 per day. Heat energy keyword can only give two clicks to your website, however, what is heat energy can give more than 10 clicks to your website and this is a huge amount of difference.

How to find Long Tail Keywords/Long Tail Keyword Tools

Now as you might have known to the benefits that you can get using long tail keywords, you might be thinking that where you can find these long tail keywords. The answer is pretty simple, it can be found by two ways one is manually and the other one is automatically.

  • Manually

one need to do a lot of research about the topic that you are going to write and when you will surf through various informative websites like Quora and various others, you might get a hint that this long tail keyword can be used in your post. However, if you think that you still unable to find any long tail keyword, you can go to various blogging websites to see what kinds of long tail keywords they are using and you can take inspiration from them and make one of your own. However, for this, you need to make your blog post really informative so that people don’t think that your blog post is copied from any other place.

  • Automatically

If you don’t want to waste your precious time researching about a certain keyword, you can use various tools using which you can find various long tail keywords. For example, the most important tool that can be used for this task is Google’s Keyword Planner tool as when you type any keyword in the search box, it gives you plenty of extra options as well as gives plenty of key phrases as well which can easily be used by you in your website. And not only that, it also shows the amount of competition and monthly searches of that key phrase so that you can get to know how long it will take you to bring your long tail keyword and what amount of competition you would be facing. In addition to it, you will also come to know about the traffic that you will get on the long tail keyword that you will be inserted in your website. If you don’t want to use Google keyword tool, there are various other tools too using which one can get to know about various head keywords as well as various long tail keywords. The popular keyword research tools are SEMrush, Long Tail Pro, and Ahrefs etc.

It is SEMRush Tool to find Long Tail Keywords

For optimizing content for long tail keywords, you need to follow below-mentioned points:

  • Add the keyword in the title tag as well as in the headlines (H1 & H2 at least) of the content.
  • The slug is important for the SEO of the article, hence you need to use the keyword as your slug (URL).
  • You need to use the keyword in meta description, meta keywords, image alt…etc
  • You need to insert the keyword in the content.
  • You may read more on Content Optimization to clear the above tips.

In this way, you would be able to optimize the content with long tail keywords.

Benefits of using Long Tail Keywords

Everybody around the world looks for various ways to which they can help their website to grow high in search results and not only that they also look for various ways with which they can generate traffic on their website and also help their website for best SEO. And in any of these cases, long tail keywords help the website owner a lot. Here are all the benefits that one gets by using long tail keywords on his website.

  • Benefits of long tail keywords in terms of SEO: – Every single website owner around the world wants his website to rank high in every category and hence they try everything possible to achieve the same. However, they do an SEO mistake as they optimize general focus keywords in their websites and articles. And as we all know that most of the general focus keywords are having tough competition with high traffic, it takes more than 3-6 months to bring any focus keyword on the first page of any search engine. However, if the long tail keyword is inserted, it takes less time to bring any keyword up on any search engine if the work is done properly. Hence, in this way, one can help his website to come on the first page of every keyword in the website if they add long tail keyword instead of general focus keywords on their website. But that should be inserted if someone wants quick results.
  • Benefits of long tail keywords in increasing traffic: – Though a lot of you might feel that long tail keywords don’t have enough traffic in them, if these keywords and the topics in which they are optimized are promoted well enough, then there would certainly be a good amount of visitors visiting your website regularly.
  • Benefits of long tail keywords in growing high in search results: – It has been seen that people do lots of efforts to bring their website up in search results. One can bring his website up in search results if he chooses to optimize long tail keywords on his website. This is because long tail keywords have the least amount of competition in them and that is why bringing any article of your website up on the search results wouldn’t be difficult if the article is written with long tail keywords inside.

Now as you know that long tail keywords are really important for a blogger or any other website owner, we think that use of general focus keywords would be unnecessarily waste of a time for a blogger who is blogging only to earn some money. For best results, one should be just having a little knowledge that what kind of long tail keywords he should be using on his website because adding irrelevant keywords in your article wouldn’t help you in any case too. So, make sure that you do a lot of keyword research before adding any kind of focus keywords or even long tail keywords in your website or if you don’t do the same, adding keywords to your website might not help your website to get any kind of benefits mentioned above. Use long tail keywords, but show some dedication towards your website too.

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