Make Money from Blog – 8 Practical Methods

Make Money from Blog

There are a lot of ways to Make Money from Blog. Of course, the amount of money you make may vary depends on your Blog Traffic, contents, methods you use and your ongoing effort. Try to remember these points to make money from blog;

  • Spend your spare time to gather more information about new money-making methods. Traditional styles never work always. Try to get updated with current money-making methods. Be a good student, learner, and researcher.
  • Do not dream to become a great blogger in one month. Have patience.
  • If you are from a non-technical background, don’t waste more time on SEO, Page Load Time Acceleration, Domains, Themes…etc. Spend your time on writing good articles, maintain good social media presence and try to increase your email subscribers. Once you reach 200+ articles (or 150+ days), spend 50-200 US dollar, a professional will do SEO work for your blog in 2-3 days. (Note Install respective plugins. That will take care of minimum requirements of your blog).
  • Try all money-making methods. Do trail and error. Slowly you will understand that which will work better (generate more income) for you.

make money from blog

Here we will give you, some of the best methods to make money from blog;

Make Money from Blog – 8 Best Methods

  • Ad Placement Services (CPC/PPC)

There are many Ad Placement Services/Programs such as Google Adsense, Media Net, Chitika, Infolinks…etc They will pay you to amount when you display their ads on your blog as well as viewers click on those ads (Pay per Click/CPC).

Drawback – Beginners cannot make a decent amount in a month (I mean 500+dollar) with these programs since your blog may not have enough traffic (I mean 10000+ visitors per day).

Read more on the Best Paying CPC Ad Placement Services

  • Affiliate Advertising Program

Affiliate Advertising is an Affiliate Marketing method which will pay if you advertise their products or services in your blog. Amazon Associates, eBay…etc are some of the examples of Affiliate Advertising Programs. Read more on Affiliate Advertising Program.

  • Affiliate Advertising Networks

It is nothing but a network that connects between advertisers and bloggers. This is also one of the best methods of Affiliate Marketing. ShareAsale and LinkShare are some of the best examples of Affiliate Advertising Network. Beginners kindly click on read more. We have given information about most of the best Affiliate Advertising Networks in that list and those networks do not require more traffic. It will give you approval within 24 hours even if it is a new blog. Read more on Affiliate Advertising Networks

Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program

  • Sell your Ad space to Advertisers directly 

This is one of the great platforms to make money from the blog. It is one of the affiliate marketing methods. You should sell Space/s from your to advertisers and get paid out of it. But advertisers will take your space if you have enough visitors(traffic). Initially don’t waste more time on this methods.

But fortunately, there are certain networks like BuySellAds.com, has a huge data of advertisers, by signing up with them, you(publisher) can connect with advertisers and make a decent amount of money. Read more on Best way to sell Ad space on the blog

  • Sell Products through your blog

There are some websites such as Cafepress, Zazzle…etc will help you to create an online store in your blog. It is an easy method to make a good amount of money from your blog. Read more on Sell Products Through Your Blog

  • Make Money without Ads

You can even make money from the blog without ads. If you are creative, you can do this. Write E-books & sell in your blog, promoting your own products…etc are examples.

  • Become a Professional Blogger

Make money from Paid Blogging Jobs. if you are able to write great contents, search in google, you can find out certain websites who pay you for your articles. Here bloggers are paying for your articles and they publish in their blog.

∗Note – It should not affect to your own blog if you choose this option.

  • Join in Blogger’s Network

A blog Network (which include a lot of blogs and bloggers), will publish your articles on their network. Since it is a brand network, they have enough traffic. They pay you a percentage of income that generates from your post/articles. Or else pay you a percentage of income whatever that network generates.