Make Your Website Trustworthy: 6 Tips for Serious Webmasters

How to Make Your Website Trustworthy

Why make your website trustworthy? As you all know, SEO and ranking factors are rapidly changing. As I said in my blog post on 2017,

“You cannot rank your website just by optimizing your web pages. More than optimization, Google will give more preference to “Trust”. Trust will be calculated on the basis of User Engagement. And the User Engagement will be calculated in terms of how many people are visiting the specific page and the average time spending on the respective web page. Do Branding. Use paid platforms to drive more and more users. Your user engagement will happen. But remember, before doing branding efforts, make sure that your web pages/website must be rich with relevant content and greater user interfaces such as Page Load Time and Mobile Page Optimization.

I stressed a word called “Trust” in the above paragraph. Today we gonna discuss the simple tips which will make your website Trustworthy more and more. Because trust will not only increase conversion rate but also better ranking on SERP.

6 Tips to Make Your Website Trustworthy

1.Page Load Time 

You searched something on Google Search and it showed you 10 results. After clicking on the first option, how much time will you wait? Probably 5 to 10 seconds? If that webpage takes more than 20 seconds? Of course, you may leave and try the next web page!

Everyone does the same thing except the owner of that website. lol!

It’s a general fact. But do you know the impact of this action if it is happening frequently? Google software will think that people are picking up the next option rather than the first one. So second one more trusted than the first one. Slowly, Google will rearrange the rankings of the web pages in terms of the highest clicks and the highest time-spend.

Page Load Time is very important if you have a professional website. It has a big impact on ranking. Your Page Load Time must be 80 plus not only for desktop but also for mobile.

For WordPress users, you may try WP Fastest Cache and WP Rocket. These are the best as per my knowledge. But both are paid one, 39USD is the price for a year. For a free plugin, you may try W3 Total Cache! Good one.

2.User Experience or UX

For instance, You went to a market to buy chicken meat? Which store may you opt cleaned or dirty one? Of course, well-cleaned one. Similarly, if your site is not impressive, people will walk out. Higher Bounce rate website will get the lower ranking. You must have;

  • A clean theme/website
  • Do not overload with ads and pop-ups
  • Easy to access and navigate content/categories
  • Use pleasant good color codes.
  • Sufficient information must be given to solve your user’s query

Remember, your website represents your brand. So please don’t spoil your brand image.

3.Informative/Great Content

Once page load time and UX are perfect, content plays an important role. User visits your website for a query or buying something. Content which you have on your site must be able to solve the visitor’s query. Adequate information will build trust on your brand/web page. Take care of your grammar, the way of presentation, the style of language you use…etc.

4.Online Presence of Your Brand

First 3 tips were internal, now we have to work on the external part. You must have a good online presence. It will increase the trust on your site and the brand. How is it possible? It’s simple, you must prove your expertise in the industry.

One method is to do above, frequently write guest posts and publish on the high authorized website or industry magazines. People slowly start recognizing you. They slowly consider you as one of the industry experts. It not only helps you to get the industry-expert label but also increases the trust on your brand.

The second method is nothing but maintains wonderful social media pages and update it regularly. The daily update can be anything your blog, your thought, a good blog post of other experts, topic related images…etc.

5.Heart Winning About Us Page

A good “About Us” description will build a lot of trust on your site. Especially if you are a service-providing industry, first clients will see how capable you are and what are your background and experience to handle their projects.

The about-us page must include who are you, your experience, how your company has grown, vision & mission, achievements, major clientele list, USP (Unique Selling Point) of your company…etc.

6.Migrate from HTTP to HTTPs

The final point is to make your website trustworthy is Migration. HTTPs or Green Sign (Secure) of a website will be considered as the symbol of professionalism and security.

Users never take a risk to do a transaction on unsecured sites. Green sign throw an impression of how serious you are about your business. So, migrate from HTTP to HTTPs today itself. It never cost a lot to you. I already covered the same topic in my previous post. You may refer the same to learn how to migrate without a developer.

Please give your valuable suggestion and feedback.

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