Marketing Automation: An A-Z Guide for Beginners

Marketing Automation

Before defining What is Marketing Automation, let me take you through an example. It will help you to understand the concept more easily than a theoretical explanation. Have you all fed up with your marketing activities such as sending a bunch of emails to your customers every day, doing research for new blog posts, managing all your social media networks, sharing new blog posts on every social media pages…etc? It is really stressful, right? And 24 hours may not be sufficient to complete all these tasks. But imagine if a software will handle all these tasks?

But imagine if a software will handle all these tasks behalf of you? How really awesome it will, right? We will be so happy and relaxed too. Marketing Automation is nothing but a category of software acting behalf of you and handling these works. I hope that you might be understood a little about this concept. Let’s elaborate.

marketing automation

What is mean by Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is nothing but a software that automates the marketing efforts for you. It will help you to prioritize each marketing tasks and execute those marketing tasks more efficiently.

Every marketer works to generate more revenue for his company. This is the goal of every marketer. It happens only when your website is capable of driving more SEO traffic, capable of converting that website traffic into leads, and finally, leads into sales (converting those leads into customers). Here automated marketing really helps you to achieve this goal more effectively and accurately.

12 Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • It will help you to reach the goal faster.
  • Save your time.
  • Gives more authenticity to the content you produced, free from content optimization mistakes.
  • Helps you to reach each unique customers.
  • Takes care of the Outbound Email Marketing.
  • Maintain your marketing consistency.
  • Provides you detailed marketing reports.
  • It is cost effective.
  • Takes care about the consistency of your brand on multiple channels at a time.
  • Technical knowledge is not required to handle it.
  • Lead Nurturing made easier through automated marketing.
  • Finally, it helps you to build a detailed customer profile.

How to use Marketing Automation

In the present scenario, marketer sends a lot of emails to his every customer. One mail after another. Is it really working to every marketer? All your receivers are responding to your emails? It is hard to say that it is not working as well as there is a chance drop your subscribers. By sending tons of emails to untargeted subscribers or customers, you are absolutely wasting your money and time. It is not at all an effective marketing strategy which you are following. How to come out from this?

Here Marketing Automation is the right software to take care the entire process. It will nurture the leads on every step in the buying process, address specific barriers of the customers through personalized messages and finally deliver to highly targets.

This is how Automated Marketing is going to work;

  • Sending an invitation to download the latest e-Book (1st step).
  • After downloading the e-Book, sending a Thank You Note (2nd step).
  • After few days, sending them a case study which is related to the topic. It is nothing but a Follow-Up mail (3rd step).
  • If your customer downloaded that case study, then your sales team can follow-up them and trying to get the sales (Final step).

Things should remember in Marketing Automation before applying practically

  • It is all about nurturing your leads, not just selling.
  • Don’t blast messages always especially messages about general things.
  • Do not forget your existing customers. So try to integrate the Automated Marketing your current Inbound Marketing Strategy.
  • Always target your contents for the specific category of customers.
  • Do Engagement Marketing. It will make happy to your existing customers.
  • Do not go for hard-sell-approach. It will spoil the entire show.





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