Meaning of CPC CPM and CPA

Meaning of CPC CPM and CPA

What is the meaning of CPC CPM and CPA?

Usually, we hear about these terms. It is important to know the meaning of this term if you are a serious blogger. If you know the meaning of CPC CPM and CPA, it will help you to;

Meaning of CPC CPM and CPA

Proper Meaning of CPC CPM and CPA

  • CPC – Cost per Click :-

Generally, advertisers use webmasters(such as Google, Yahoo..etc) to publish their Ads to explore their products/services. Here webmasters charge from advertisers to publish their advertisement. When we signup with webmasters as a publisher, they will permit us to display those advertiser’s ads on our blog/website. We will get paid when our blog’s visitors see or click on those ads. The amount which we get from webmasters for those Clicks is generally known CPC/PPC.

  • CPM – Cost per Mille/Cost per Impression

Mille is a latin word which means Impression. Some of the below Ad networks even they pay for impressions also. CPM standard is based on 1000 visit. If 1000 people visit your blog, you will get paid for those visits/impressions even visitors didn’t click on ads. Per 1000 visits, the ad network may pay in between US$ 01-10.

Example :- If you have 10,000 visitors daily and CPM rate of webmaster is US$2, then you make US$20 in a day only from impressions/visitors without clicks.

  • CPA – Cost per Action/Cost per Acquisition

If you are clear about the other two terms (CPC and CPM), it is very easy to understand this concept. Here you get paid only our visitors buy those products/services which are displayed on our blog. The conversion rate is more important in this model. You may neither get paid by displaying ads nor by impressions.

∗Note :- Some of the Ad Networks they pay for all of the above models. Google Adsense, Media Net by Yahoo ..etc are some of the examples of all-in-one models. Here are the Best Paying CPC Ad Placement Services in the Market.