MediaVenus Review : Best Alternative to AdSense MediaNet & NativeAds

MediaVenus Review

As a newbie in blogging, we try a lot of monetization programs such as Affiliate Marketing Programs (Amazon), Affiliate Marketing Networks (Shareasale), Direct Advertising Networks (BuySellAds), CPC/CPM Ad Networks (AdSense), Contextual Ad Networks (VigLink)..etc. But in my opinion, apart from Direct Advertisement and Affiliate Marketing, CPC/CPM Ad Networks are the best choice to monetize a blog or website. When it comes to CPC/CPM models, AdSense, MediaNet, and NativeAds are familiar for everyone. Apart from these familiar networks, there are hundreds, but one which gives you the same CPC rate or CPM rates, like AdSense, is MediaVenus. Since one month, I am placing their Ads on my blog and it really worked a lot for me. Also, I found certain unique advantages while working with them which forced me to write this MediaVenus Review.

MediaVenus: Review - income proof

Who is MediaVenus

MediaVenus is a Native Advertising Network that uses a unique technology of adjusting the ads to fit every website perfectly. They have been on the market since 2014 and each year was a success. Their network covers all the countries and provides support and every language used on the Internet.  In just a few years of the existence of their company, they have earned gratitude and respect of thousands of webmasters and hundreds of advertisers around the globe. I hope, these years were a priceless experience in the field of high-quality online advertising for them to explore much better.

Why MediaVenus

As a blogger or webmaster, we choose native ads networks as they are a safe and foolproof way of traffic monetization. In the case of MediaVenus, their widgets made up of several separate ads fit every website perfectly and do not annoy our visitors, so they will surely come again.

Certain unique advantages which I found that;

  • It absolutely works on all major native languages.
  • CSS and JS minified (no longer time to load our web page).
  • They provide top-tier advertisers in every category.
  • Instant approval and also they approve adult content or viral content blogs.
  • Compactable for any devices.
  • Flexible formats like Adsense.
  • It works on CPC as well as CPM models.
  • Higher CPC/CPM rates.
  • You can manually customize your ad’s size, color, appearance, numbers, language..etc.
  • Best ad network to find the behavior of our visitors. It helps us to optimize the ads according to our readers.

Also, on our personal account page, we will find all the necessary tools to shape the ads according to our taste. Just use a bit of creativity and raise the effectivity of the ads. Choose ads that are suitable for our website and target audience. Also, we can see the Statistics Page to find exhaustive information on our income and the behavior of our visitors.

MediaVenus provides unlimited targeting opportunities enable us to find our perfect audience. Exhaustive statistics and analytics they provide will help us work effectively, transparency of their system and the use of blacklists ensure high sales and profit. To those advertisers who have never worked with this format of ads they offer step-by-step help and guidance in creating their first campaign. They also provide an opportunity to advertise website content to draw more visitors to our website.

Let’s compare with our familiar ad networks;

MediaVenus Vs AdSense & MediaNet

Native Advertising Networks (Ex: MediaVenus & NativeAds) are gaining popularity among webmasters as they help to make maximum use of ad space on our websites. This Ad format is popular with internet users as well as an average visitors give up to three times more attention to native ads than to standard banner ads. Native Advertising Networks do not annoy or distract visitors and help to provide them with a pleasurable user experience. Therefore, it is no wonder that the CTR of native advertising networks is on average 45% higher than that of traditional banner ads. Also, native advertising network like MediaVenus is based on RTB system and we can choose our mode of collaboration freely be it CPC or CPM that we prefer.

MediaVenus Vs NativeAds

MediaVenus and NativeAds are similar in their operations and CPC/CPM rates are also competitive. But you may face certain difficulties when you apply for NativeAds. Those are;

  • They do not approve you instantly.
  • You must be having a decent traffic which is more than 50,000 in a month. It is minimum.
  • Content language must be English.
  • They prefer quality content blogs.
  • No referral income for new webmasters

But when it comes to MediaVenus;

  • They approve you shortly.
  • There are no minimum traffic standards.
  • Any language blogs are welcome.
  • Very good CPC/CPM rates as NativeAds.
  • They provide referral income for the next one year if anyone join by clicking your link.
  • Also, they have promotional prizes for all new webmasters who join now. Click here and see the prizes.

MediaVenus Best Alternatives to Adsense MediaNet



Numerous companies are already choosing native advertising networks and thousands of affiliates are claiming high returns on their investments. Let’s become a part of this network and monetize our blog. I hope you enjoy this MediVenus Review.

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