Most Commonly Used Content Types In The Industry By The Marketers

What is Content Types

As everyone knows, ‘Content is the King’. Content Types will decide the present and the future of your company or brand. A company with the best Content Marketing Strategy will always survive in the industry since the content is capable of creating fans for your brand, retain those fans for the brand, convert those fans into leads and finally leads into sales. So no marketer can neglect this reality.

But to create a great relevant content (content writing) for your brand, you must know what are the major Content Types and how it function. Then only you can take the correct step to move forward. Here I have given the most commonly used content types in the industry by the marketers. Select the right one or more types and explore your business.

Content Types

4 Most Popular Content Types

  • Educating Contents

Educating Contents are nothing but to educate our readers or users about your products or services. It will totally focus on the significant differences in your products or services than others. And marketers use these kinds of contents to achieve their sales goal as well as to create more loyal customers for their brands. Remember, educating contents must be able to solve all your reader’s query about your product.

  • Entertaining Contents

Entertaining Contents are nothing but to entertain your audience. It may not be directly related to your products or services. But these kinds of contents can create a ‘Just-Like-Me’ impact (i.e I am one among you, not just a brand or company) on your audience. It will help you to create true fans for your brand since these kinds of contents will get more shares in social media platforms. ‘More Viewers, More Fans’

  • Inspiring Contents

This is another Content Type which focuses on the failure to success stories, customers testimonials, and about your company’s challengings. It may create an impact on your audience but it may vary depend on the situations.

  • Converting Contents

These kinds of contents mainly use to create a sort of actions. It might be a free sign up to your newsletter, free download of your e-Books, taking a free e-Course, or buying any products or services. Always write a piece of information to generate a conversion. It is the main motto of these types of contents.

I don’t believe that with the above piece of information you may success. It is also crucial that you must know which Formats of Content are more likely accepted by the audience in the Digital Marketing campaigns from last few years.

5 Hot Content Formats used by the Marketers for the Conversion

Here I am giving you the best 5 content formats which are useful for all kinds of digital marketing campaigns. It is surveyed by the ‘Social Media Marketing Industry’ in between 2015-16. You can select anything based on your targets. Below chart reveals the percentage of the audience for each content format.

Formats in Content Types - Most Commonly Used

According to the above chart, we can find that most of the marketers prefer Visual Contents for their branding.

But when it come to B2B, Blogging is their right choice to educate your users or audience. Also, Blogging will help you to build more trust and relationship with your customers. In the latest survey, 38% of the marketers agreed to this concept.

But in B2C, they must give more importance to Visual Contents and Videos (Video Marketing) since these kinds of contents will catch the audience’s attention easily. 49% of the marketers voted for this concept.

Prediction on the Use of Content Types in the Coming Years

2016-17 digital marketing trends reveal that marketers will increase the use of Videos by 73% where Visuals will down to 71%. Here is the order of the usage of Content Types in the coming years by the marketers according to SMM Industry;

  • Videos – 73%
  • Visuals – 71%
  • Blogging – 66%
  • Live Videos – 39%
  • Podcasting – 26%. 

So plan your campaigns with this reference.