OnPage Optimization – Complete Tricks

OnPage Optimization

OnPage Optimization is nothing but all the measures which can take directly within websites in order to improve the website’s position in the Search Rankings.

OnPage Optimization

The above image indicates that, if we divide SEO into two major components, we can name these components as OnPage Optimization and Off Page Optimization. Further, if we divide these major components, Social and Link Building are the righthand and lefthand of Off Page Optimization and Keyword Research & Targeting and Content Quality & Accessibility are the righthand and lefthand of OnPage Optimization.

So what and all should be taken care in order to improve OnPage Optimization? The below image will guide you each and every component involved in OnPage Optimization;

OnPage Optimization Chart

OnPage Optimization – Complete Tricks

1.Title Optimization

Website’s title tag is the important optimization element since it is the first thing shown and indexed by all Search Engines. It should be short. Also, title tag should be descriptive enough for visitors to identify our business. If title tag is great, obviously your page will get more impressions from searchers. Also, it should be able to appeal enough to the search engines to get the higher PageRank.

Onpage Optimization Title Tags

Things that should include in the Title Tag;

Site Name/Your Name/Business Name: – Any of these, which is more relevant, should add in your title tag.

Keywords: – Title tag represents the whole content of a website. It is good to add a keyword in the title tag if you want to get rank for a particular keyword. But don’t assemble more keywords. It should be easily readable to search engines.

Eg: – Pappa John’s Pizza India, Here “Papa John’s” is the keyword. Instead of Pizza, They used Papa John’s(Brand Name) as their Keyword.

2.Meta Tags Optimization

Meta description tag is not so important as earlier. But this description gives a clear cut, what is your blog/website about and where and all you have specialized. If searchers find something great in your meta description, they will visit your website. But if it is too long and less with focused keywords, visitors may simply ignore.

OnPage Optimization meta tag

Things that should include in the Meta Description Tag;

Keyword: – It must be with the keyword.

Attractive Description: – You might have written a great content but if your meta description is not so attractive, you may not get clicks. So it must be impressive. “Love at first sight”…

3.Check your HTML tags, arrange on proper positions

There are certain parts in your post, you should highlight. This kind of highlights will not only attract the eyes of your readers but also read by search engines easily and improve your page rankings. In blogs(especially in WordPress), we get the inbuilt option to do this. In websites also, use tags highlight relevant words. Examples of HTML tags are – Header Tags (H1,H2,H3), Bold (strong), Italic (em)..etc

Take an example of this post. I have highlighted “OnPage Optimization” as H1 and “OnPage Optimization – Complete Tricks” as H2. Also “Title Optimization” as Bold(strong). The title of the post is Title Tag, do not confuse with H1. So it is necessary to have H1 in your post. Also, do not do keyword stuffing in your post. It will read as “Spam” by the Search Engines.

I mean to say that highlight certain titles (especially Title, H1, and H2- which is the most important) with HTML tags. Highlighted titles should be with your focus keywords.

View your page source and check that whether your post titles are in the correct positions.

Right Click » View your page source » Ctrl+f » Search box will appear and in search box type this, “<title>”

If Title is in proper position, it will show like below;

<title>your post title name</title>

To check H2, type “<h2>” in search box. If h2 is right, it will appear like below;

<h2>your post h2 title name</h2>

Also, you can bold(strong) and Italic (em) certain words in your post. But it should be relevant. You should not exceed. This may get you penalized.

4.Keyword Optimization and Synonyms

It is very important that you should not use the same keyword multiple times. “Keyword density” should not be overloaded. It cannot suit to search engines. Here you can use Synonyms. Example: – If your focused keyword is Mouth cancer, oral cancer is the Synonym.

But if your focused keyword is Mouth Cancer, Synonyms should not use in Titles. In the post, you can use Synonyms. For titles, it should be focused your KW. It will maintain your “keyword density”.

5.Link Optimization

Link are two types, Internal and external. Internal links are linking within the existing post within your blog and external links are linking to other websites. Give proper optimization for your internal and external links. It should be properly linked with proper anchor text. It will help Search engines to read it easily.

Example: – If you want to link with Wikipedia, Instead of using “click here” and linking to Wikipedia, use proper anchor text. I mean, use “Wikipedia” itself and link.

Also, if you are using CMS( Ex: – WordPress), set permalinks as ‘Post Name’ to optimize your links.

For WordPress Users: – Go to Dashboard » Settings » Click on Permalinks » Set “Post Name” and Save it.

*Note – If you change permalink, social media shared posts URL should redirect to new URL. Or else it will show “Page Not Found” only. Please write to us if you are facing any issue on this.

6.Image Optimization 

It is as good as if you optimized your images in your post. For humans, it is so easy to understand by seeing an image. But search engine spider will read only text, not the image. So you have to do image optimization in this case.

Alt Text: – You should name your image with the focused keyword. I will help search engine to read your image easily.

File Name should be relevant: – Use proper file name instead of some numbers. Ex:- Do not use “DSC35671.jpg”, rename it with your keyword like “mouth-cancer-symptoms.jpg”.

For any query, please write us. Feel free to contact us…..


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