Organic Search Ranking Tools improve the Visibility on SERP

Organic Search Ranking Tools

Before I explain about Organic Search Ranking Tools, it is important to give a brief idea about what is SERP and Organic Search Results. This small piece of information will help you to understand better about Organic Search Ranking Tool.

organic search ranking tools

What is Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)

when we search something in Google, we get relevant results. These relevant results (result pages) displayed by google to your query is known Search Engines Result Pages.

SERP includes two categories

1.Paid Results: – It is actually an Advertisement. Advertisers pay for a specific keyword. When people do search in Google and if it matches with that specific keyword, Google will display advertiser’s web page on the First Result Page. It is also known Pay-per-Click. 

2.Organic Search Results

It is nothing but when your search something on Search Engine, it will display certain result pages to your query, in order to website’s relevancy. More relevant web pages appear first on search results. Search Engine decides Web Page relevancy. It comes naturally. Below we have given some of the most important tips to increase your web page relevancy.

Organic Search Results are divided into two categories;

  1. Owned Results
  2. Earned Results

The below image will show the difference between paid, owned organic and earned organic results.

organic search ranking tools

If we see average, 80-90% searchers click on organic results and 10-20% click on paid ads. So let’s discuss how to get ranking on Organic Result Pages. The below formulas will help you to improve ranking on Organic Result Pages.

Organic Search Ranking Tools – Formulas

1.Search Engine Friendly

Make sure that your website should be search engine friendly. Remove all bugs and make your server secure. Remember these points;

  • Add text to images, videos, and flashes
  • HTML code should be validated
  • Use relevant Title Tags
  • Use straight Navigation(HTML) Links to our website
  • Avoid Hidden Texts
  • Remove Apparent Content Duplication

2.Optimize your Contents

  • Select a Focus Keyword
  • Content should be keyword Rich, but not be overused. Keyword should be included in Title, H2, H3, Meta tags
  • Find the most sharing contents by using BUZZSUMO
  • Read more on How to perform Content Optimization

3.Building BackLinks

  • Visitors are coming from other websites to your site, Search Engine will increase your PageRank.
  • It will create more Web Page Relevancy for your site.
  • To build Backlinks, you can comment on others blog post. But comments should include a link to your site.
  • Share your posts on Social Medias

4.Sharing on Social Medias

  • Share your contents on social medias
  • Add social sharing buttons to your below or above of the contents.
  • Create RSS feed

Formula one and two belongs to OnPage Optimization and three and four belongs to Off Page Optimization. The contribution of these formulas in improving Organic Search Ranking is as follows;

1 – 30%

2 – 20%

3 – 40%

4 – 10%


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