Outbound Email Marketing

Outbound Email Marketing

Before we discuss Outbound Email Marketing, it is important that you should know what is mean by Outbound Marketing;

Outbound marketing is the use of televisions, emails, radios, billboards, sales persons, emails or any casual way of approaching a prospective client and informing them of the products at their disposal. It involves lots of first-hand interaction with consumers hence, you get direct feedback and also learn about their tastes and preferences and most importantly their needs so you get to satisfy them fully.

outbound email marketing

What is Outbound Email Marketing

Outbound Email Marketing is a form of outbound marketing where the producers of products send emails to prospective clients, with the aim to create direct communication with them, educate them about the product and make consumers out of the clients and even reach more through these clients. Earlier emails were sent at random and these resulted in lots of spam email complaints these has however improved as with time and even become more efficient and cheap, as marketers now only email their target clients and not just any person.

Will Outbound Email Marketing help bloggers get more followers

Marketing is done all over so as to promote one’s products and services, blogging is a service offered by many online, they require an audience and as many followers as they can get, the use of outbound marketing to acquire more followers may be helpful to bloggers, it’s worth trying.

As a blogger, there are certain topics or areas you are best in, and in each post to a blog there is a certain audience you aim to reach out to; try getting a list of a number of your target audience, you could freelance for one at a cheap price, then send an automated email to them, outlining the area you will focus on at what time (they could air their views and you respond to them in time), and more so the benefits they will draw from reading your post or visiting your blog, be direct but friendly and you could also entice them so they visit your blog.

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Set the message to be resent after a few days to those who did not receive it, at first, then check out the turnout of how many will visit your blog through the various links you send to them. In doing this you assess whether to approach more people using this method depending on the turn out so as to increase your traffic.

You, however, need to have quality content so that you get followers, these could be in terms of knowing your audience and addressing them appropriately, they will always have a reason to read your blog and also advise others to follow you.

Strategies in Outbound Email Marketing

1.Know their audience and approach them when appropriate and have time to view their blog for the youth, these could be anytime in the day but for those working the evening is the appropriate time,

2.Use ads that fit on a smartphone as most people open emails through phones as opposed to using laptops and desktops.

3.Use short subjects to capture one’s attention so they read the entire email

4.Make the temperate free and many people will open it to view the content. As People love free things.

Impact of Outbound Email Marketing to bloggers

1.Many people get to know more about the blog and follow the blogger and when people like it they will talk about it to other people hence more followers and readers.

2.It earns more money to the blogger, for example, those into affiliate marketing and advertising; increased followers means more readers of the blog hence more income to them.

3.You get to interact with more people and fellow bloggers, exchange ideas and hence you integrate all the knowledge and channel it to the whole world.

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