What about your PR? Are they bringing Sales to your Online Store

How Public Relations (PR) Helps to Generate More Sales

Are you having a slow sales day, week or month? If so, you need to do something quickly to help jumpstart your sales. You may not realize this, but public relations are the kick in the pants that your company needs to get people interested in your products and services once again. As a matter of fact, PR is so powerful that you’ll start to see your company’s sales flowing in no time at all. How specifically PR helps to generate more sales?

Here are three ways that it can help boost sales and your bottom line.

3 Ways PR Helps to Generate more Sales

1.It Grabs Attention

You may not know this, but there’s at least one big difference between advertising and public relations.

And the difference is: PR requires a lot more effort. That’s why the marketing world has a tendency to call public relations “earned media”.

If you’re willing to put forth the effort and energy, have the time and knowledge to make it happen, just about anybody can generate more sales with PR.

The best part about it is that the little guy can use it to compete against the multimillion dollar and billion-dollar companies and see measurable success.

This practice will ultimately help build brand awareness for your company. People will begin to know your name, and if done right, they will also begin to trust you and see you as an authority in your market.

A good PR strategy is often paired with an SEO one. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since both SEO and PR are working on getting the maximum exposure to your brand.

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So, while marketing alone is definitely effective, PR can help put your company on the map.

And experienced PR firms with a marketing background can take your business to a whole other level entirely.

2.Public Relations Stimulates Desire

When you implement a powerful PR campaign, the stories that you tell will play on your prospect’s’ emotions.

And the themes of scarcity and prestige and creating a herd mentality will drive your customers wild and create a burning desire to buy your products and services.

To really create a major buying frenzy around your products, you need to stimulate desire as often as possible. Some ways to accomplish this include:

  • Using testimonials and case studies – when contacting reporters in an effort to generate interest in your products and services, they are going to be interested in learning about who’s using your products. If you share case studies and testimonials, this will help to generate even further buzz.
  • Make benefits a big focus – many business owners have a tendency to spend a lot of time highlighting the ideal features of their products and services. Instead, public relations experts need to avoid this common mistake and spend most of their time talking about the benefits.
  • Alleviating fears – potential customers are often afraid to try something new. Instead of having your customers feel distressed about your product or service, alleviate their fears. A great way to do this is to share testimonials and benefits.
  • The snowball effect – when the media is on your side and you start getting a healthy dose of it, it’s actually going to lead to more and more press. These things tend to have a snowball effect, and public relations are a great way to start the press engine rolling.

3.Increase Credibility with PR

Finally, public relations have the ability to help increase your credibility.

When you start getting lots of press, interviews, press releases, and media attention, potential customers are going to recognize your company as the experts that you are.

So, PR makes it easy to boost your credibility in the marketplace. And if you continue to step out into the spotlight, your business will be considered an icon and media darling.

It’s time to use PR to your advantage. It can help increase your credibility, stimulate desire, grab your customer’s’ attention, and ultimately you’ll generate more sales.