Is Ranking without Link Building Possible

Is Ranking without Link Building Possible: Yes or No

In the freelance business or any type of business for that matter, having your product or content exposed to potential clients is extremely important. There is a slew of ways that a person can get their content to be seen by others. The most popular tactic is link building. Most freelancers are under the assumption that link building is the best, if not only way to rank on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). There is about a 50/50 split in opinions on this topic. A poll was taken, and the results showed that roughly 56% of people believe, you can’t do ranking without link building. The remaining 44% of people take a different, seemingly more honest, approach that it is possible. Which is truly the best way to garner clients or create traffic? Well, that is up to you. In order to get a better understanding of why freelancers are so divided into their preferred methods of getting links, you must first understand what these methods consist of and how they work. Then you must decide on which one works best for you.

Ranking without Link Building

What Links can do still

Link building is the best way to rake in potential clients, at least that’s what most freelancers think. There are good reasons to believe so. Links are a lucrative way to bring people to your site. I mean think about it. You give people useful or interesting information, they’re intrigued by it, and luckily you leave a link so they click on it bringing them to your site or platform. Seems simple right? Yes. Link building does get you the exposure that you want. There has even been a study that says link building will remain a relevant marketing tactic in the years to come. Building links are by far the best way to get people to see your content. This may hold true, but is there a problem with link building that causes freelancers to not want to use it as a medium for gaining clients? A lot of people are beginning to think so.

Why 44 Percent people prefer Ranking without Link Building

Why is it that 44% of people don’t turn to link building? There are a few things about building links that turn some people away from it. For one thing, building links is a very difficult task to complete. Building links can also be quite expensive. It is time-consuming and takes a lot of energy to do. For freelancers who have a wide range of clients, it is inevitable that they will spend hours upon hours doing research on their target group. By the time you get done doing all of the research, you now have to figure out the key points, structure how you’re going to write them, and find ways to attract the specific audience you are trying to appeal to. It is exhausting just to think about. There is a new arising obstacle for those who use link building as well. The latest version of Google Penguin(4.0) has more or less given link building a bad name. Many sites have been penalized or even removed since the launch of the new version. This action has caused the attention of many freelancers to take to using the quality of their content as the primary way to draw clients to it.

5 Methods to Rank the Website without Link Building

1.Do Link Earning rather than Link Building

While link building is a very effective way to rank on SERPs, it is definitely not the only way of doing so. Earning links is starting to become a more pervasive means of ranking than before the Penguin update. After the bad rep building links have started to receive, freelancers have turned to earning links in order to rank in an honest, by the book, manner.

2.Concentrate on the Content

Content is the second of the best ways to get your work seen by clients. By having accurate, high-quality, relevant content you not only leave a good impression on those who have seen it, but it may get those people to share it with other people who may be potential clients. I prefer to read our previous work on How to Earn quality Backlinks with your content.

3.Use Social Medias

Be sure to use social media to your advantage too. With all the popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on, the possibilities for exposure to your content are unlimited. These social media sites are teeming with potential clients who may want what you have to offer. Social media is a network of shared photos, thoughts, and ideas. It is also a place where you should invest your time in trying to get exposure. Not only are these social media sites full of people from your target group, but they are chocked full of many different types of people who may also be interested in your work. Using social media is a great way for people to have easy access to your content. Here are the details; How to gain More followers on Social Medias

4.Try to Influence you Audience

Your influence is one of the most powerful weapons you can use to link with people. When people hear or view your content you always leave some sort of impression on them. Use your level of expertise in a certain field to influence people, get them to trust in your content. Once you have earned the trust of people they start to become your followers. More than likely your followers will share your content and give you a good rep, which will eventually lead to more followers in the future. Make sure to find opportunities to generate followers both on and offline. Read more on 7 Tips to Use Influencers to Getting Exposure for Your Business Event

5.Create your own Followers-Community

After gaining online and offline followers you should take your efforts a step further. One day you might look at all of the clients and people you have supporting you and think your journey is over. You might think that all you need to do is sit back while your supporters bring you more clients. Don’t grow complacent. Gaining clients is not some autonomous system that works while you’re doing otherwise. It is true that clients bring more clients if they like your work, but it is not something to hang your hat on. The best thing to do after you gain a mass of followers is to keep cultivating them. Think of them as a garden. If you stop watering them they will eventually wither away and dry out, but if you continue to water them they will continue growing.

Ultimately it is up to you to determine which way of ranking is best for you. Both methods are affective in their own right, and both have flaws. It is important that you leave your options open. If one doesn’t work for you try the other and see how it goes.

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