Sell Products Through Your Blog

Sell Products Through Your Blog

How to sell products through your blog? This is one of the major inquiry we received from our followers. There is a solid strategy or formula to sell products through our blog. I am glad to explore the entire strategy in front of you clearly since we may find very few blogs which are explaining about this strategy properly. The strategy is nothing but, “CONVERSION FUNNEL. Also, I would like to discuss, What are the products we can sell through blogs? Which all are the formats we should use, to sell our products? and How to do pricing?

Also, I would like to discuss, When to start selling a product, Which all are the products we can sell through our blog,Which all are the formats we can use to sell our products, and finally, How to do pricing? Remember, this strategy will be useful not only to sell your own products(Ex: – eBooks, CDs) but also others’ products/services.

See the below image. It helps you to understand something;

sell products through your blog

Sell products through your blog – Sales Funnel

As a blogger, you always go through these all the stages. The stages are;Get Found: – Visitors will come to your blog through your social media presence, through ads(if you give advertisement for your blog),

Get Found: – Visitors will come to your blog through your social media presence, through Ads (if you give advertisement for your blog), through word of mouth (If someone liked your content, there is chance that, he may spread/share to others) or through search engines (organic search). This is mean by “Getting Found”.

Convert to Leads: – If a visitor like your blogging style or the content, he may read other articles also. If he found that, your information is sufficient, he may subscribe your blog or bookmark it. This is called you convert your traffic into leads.

Nurture Leads: – To build more trust and relationship with your subscribers, follow up them at every stage. You should be honest. Do not use them to increase your profit. Some of the methods to nurture the leads are, Give proper answers to their queries, Appreciate their suggestions, email them when you write new articles, educate beginners to build a beautiful blog…etc

Start Analysing: – If you are successful in the above three strategies, just analyze that what kind of products they(visitors) require and start selling according to that.

I hope, you understood this concept clearly. It will take a time to build an empire. So keep doing a great job.

Sell products through your blog – Which & How?

It is important to know that What and all we can sell, Which all are the formats we can use and how to do pricing of the product? The answer is so simple, you can sell anything which is convenient and useful for your followers. I will show you some of the chosen methods;

1.Front End Product: – Formats, which use for this product, are short audio course, small video course, eBook, CD through the mail, printed booklet, recorded webinar…etc. Remember, this is your stepping stone. You should be able to create a positive impact on this first product. It should be attractive also. If you maintain a good quality teaching as well as format, your upcoming high rated products will also get more buyers.

You can charge below 50$ for this product.

Example: – eBook about, “How to increase your Blog Traffic”.

2.Front End Subscription: Formats are same as above. But it should be more helpful than the Front End Product. It works like a magazine. Every month you are charging for the subscription.

You can charge below 50$/Month.

Example: – Form a Club and educate club-subscribers about the latest news on, “Increasing the Blog Traffic”.

3.Mid-Range Product: – Formats are Audio, video, Printed home study materials, workshop through a series of live webinars, Teleconference or through other online services…etc. It should be detailed about a subject.

You can charge in between 99$-299$.

Example: – Full details about “All platform in Affiliate Marketing to make 1000$ in a month.”

4.Flagship Course/Private Coaching: – Fullfletch training portal, detailed video modules, live coaching through Webinar, an online forum (Q&A), detailed study materials such as CDs or printed books.

You can charge in between 500$ – 5,000$

Example: – “A detailed course Digital Ad Technologies“.

So start applying Sales/Conversion Funnel in your blog from today. Increase your leads. Have a happy blogging.