7 Wonderful Free SEO Audit Tools for Site Owners

SEO Audit Tools: Intro

What is mean by SEO Audit Tools? It is nothing but the tools which are using to identify the SEO Errors of your website. Theses tools will identify your website’s SEO errors and help you to resolve these errors. I must say that these tools are very important since your website traffic totally depends on how well your website is optimized for search engines.

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SEO Audit Tools – Top 7 Benefits

  • It gives a detailed idea about how your website is performing in Search Engines.
  • It shows that how well your web pages are functioning in Social Medias.
  • It shows the total number of internal or external links.
  • Individually you can test the Web Page Relevancy.
  • It comes with recommendations of what need to be fixed.
  • It allows you to download SEO report of your site.
  • Last but not the least, if you have minimum knowledge of blogging, you can perform SEO audit by yourself with the help of these tools.

7 Best SEO Audit Tools for Bloggers

The first 3 tools are absolutely free of cost and others are the paid versions. The first three tools are directly from Google, the search engine giant. Of course, it will help you to improve your ranking if use them wisely. I hope I don’t want to give you details about Google’s Tools. All the below tools are familiar to every blogger. But I would like to give a brief introduction about Google audit tools first and then will discuss the paid versions. These Google audit tools helped me a lot when I was a newbie to website’s SEO Management.

1.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is absolutely a free tool which tracks every information about your web traffic. Benefits of Google Analytics are;

  • It is absolutely a free tool.
  • It gives all details about how visitors landed onto your site.
  • It gives details about which web page got the maximum clicks.
  • It shows how many new or return visitors your website got today.

2.Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster tool is absolutely free and comes from the search giant Google. This tool provides whatever a site owner needs to get search engine rank in Google.

  • It allows you to get the report on Internal and external links to your site.
  • How many web pages of your site are indexed?
  • Keywords which are giving you traffic.
  • CTR of each major keywords.
  • Allow you to do a force crawling
  • Shows your Sitemap functionality

3.Google Keyword Planner

Google is the biggest Search Engine in the world now. Only Google can give you the accurate information about what people do the search in Google and the volume of searches happen globally on a particular keyword. If you have an idea about the searchers pulse, you can create a great content and get well ranked in search engines so shortly. So use Google AdWords Keyword Planer to choose your appropriate keyword.


Webceo.com is mainly used for Ranking and Reporting. It helps you to track the ranking of your website on a particular keyword and gives you a detailed report on how better your site can perform on that particular keyword.

Main features are;

  • It works more accurately than any other tools to rank and report.
  • You can select a keyword and run the tool and this tool will show your web page rank in the search engine on that particular keyword.
  • In webceo.com, you can select 100 keywords and scan at a time.
  • You can compare with your competitor’s rank on that particular keyword and this tool will help you to build a strategy to compete with your competitor.
  • It gives you a detailed report of ranking of a particular web page in each country since all search engines such as Google Germany, Google Brazil, Google India, Bing…etc in the world are listed in this tool.
  • It has a desktop version which helps you to keep your website privacy.
  • It is available in White Label Programme too. If you are an SEO professional, you can do multiple campaigns for multiple clients. Its privacy features don’t allow your clients to know what tool you used to create the report.

5.Screaming Frog

Screaming frog is again another tool uses for SEO Audit. It also has many features like;

  • Shows the client and server errors
  • Details about temporary or permanent redirects
  • Shows how many duplicate pages your site has
  • Reveals all the URL issues
  • Details about External Links
  • Shows the issues such as duplication, over 65 characters, missing, short, multiplication…etc of Page Titles and Meta Description.

6.SEO Profiler

SEO profiler is another SEO audit tool which helps you to get higher ranking on Google and other search engines. The key features of Seo Profiler comparing to other tools are;

  • The best feature is an accurate ranking report of your web page on country wise as well as regional wise
  • Accurately monitor the ranking of your particular web page.
  • Helps you to check your ranking on each search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing…etc at a time.
  • It will alert you instantly if any issue persists on your web page ranking.


Moz.com is one of the best SEO audit tools. Most of the features are same like others, but Moz.com has highlighted certain features like;

  • Helps you to track global rankings on a weekly basis.
  • Search Visibility Score: – Overall web page rankings based on CTRs (Click through Rates)
  • Your Competitor’s rank tracking
  • Local Rankings as well as Mobile Rankings
  • In-Depth SERP analysis and reports
  • 90% accuracy on Search Volume Prediction on a particular keyword.
  • They claim that they have the most trusted Link Metrics.

Moz.com have a very good name in the market.


If you are a newbie to the blogging, I won’t suggest you go for the paid versions. First, you start your SEO management journey with google’s tool. It will help you to get familiar with the most of the SEO management terms and then try for paid versions.

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