SEO Components for Super Web Traffic

SEO Components

An advanced knowledge of SEO Components are the most important keys to open the world of unlimited web traffic. As a blogger, everyone wishes to get the maximum traffic. Here I would like to teach you the most important SEO components to get maximum traffic to your website.

seo components

SEO Components for Super Web Traffic

Your total web traffic and overall search engine visibility depend on these three components;

1.Content Optimization

  • I hope that you already might have heard this sentence, “Content is the King”. Link Building and Technical Optimization become effective only when your blog maintains a quality, unique and a great content. Things to be remembered on content optimization;
  • Google never understand your web page and its content by URL. It will understand web page what is about only by Title. So make sure that your Title is relevant to a focused keyword.
  • maintain a different title for each web pages. I mean do not use the same Title for more than one web page.
  • If it is possible, try to give your focused keyword at the beginning of your Title and URL. It helps the Googlebot to read easily.
  • Try to avoid punctuation in the URL
  • Header Tags H1 to H6 are very important. It must contain the focused keyword. But it is not necessary that you should maintain all the Header Tags especially H5 and H6 if it is not applicable.
  • Meta Tag is also an another important component since it is a brief description about your web page. It appears at the bottom of your Title in search engines. You get more clicks if your meta tag/description is attractive.

New bloggers may get difficult to understand some of the above tips. So newbies please read more on OnPage Optimization – Complete Tricks. This will help you to understand the above tips very clearly.

2.Link Building

Link Building is one of the best SEO tools after content to get more traffic and build Web Page Relevancy. I will give you an example to understand this concept more easily; There are more than million of film actors in the world but why certain people like Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt or Leonardo Dicaprio are more popular? The answer is so simple that more people speak about them. Same way if other websites are linking(speaking about) to you, your site will become more relevant and the most relevant site will get the top page rank in the Google.

Same way if more websites are pointing towards or linking(speaking about) to you, your site will become more relevant and the most relevant site will get the top page rank in the Google Search. To get more linking, please follow these tips;

  • Publish articles in others’ website
  • Comment on others’ webpage
  • Maintain a comment box below your post
  • Share your content in social medias like Twitter, Facebook page, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram..etc. Share your content on maximum similar niche social pages. People start sharing your content slowly and it will duplicate gradually.
  • Read more information about Link Building

3.Technical Optimization

In Technical Optimization, there are so many components we should take care to get good Page Ranking. I will give you most of the major tips;

  • Permanently redirect to the right web page if any of your website’ page is broken or not functioning. WordPress users please download this plugin to redirect your URLs. Safe Redirect Manager. It’s a free plugin.
  • Focused Keyword must be included in your URL. URL should not consist.
  • URL should not consist of a question mark or Ampersand (&) or Percent symbol (%).
  • URL should be easily readable to the Googlebot. Do not use long URLs.
  • Your website should have Sitemap.
  • Use an SEO friendly templates. StudioPress themes are the best option.
  • Images Optimization is very important. WP Smush is the best plugin to do so.
  • Image’s Title must have Focused Keyword.
  • Google Crawler understands CSS codes, but not java scripts. So Java code should be Tagged properly.
  • Render CSS codes of the above header folder. It will increase the speed of your website and reduce the Bouncing rate. Use this plugin Above the Fold Optimization.

»Note: – Use Yoast SEO plugin. Most of the above problems can solve with this free plugin.


These are the major components determine 95% of the organic web traffic of your blog. Please write us if you need further help on the above tools.

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