SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization;

Let me give you a practical example to understand this term first,

Example: – If you want to know more about Mouth Cancer,  what you do generally? We will go to Google and type Mouth Cancer and search for it, Right? When you search for Mouth CancerGoogle will appear with a lot of results. You select one among them which is relevant to your query and read that article. Google shows you hundreds of pages which are providing the similar information about Mouth CancerBut we usually select a website/blog from the first page or sometimes the second page from the results. Hundreds of blogs or websites, which are having information about Mouth Cancerbut why certain blogs appear on the first page? The answer is nothing but those websites are Optimized. Because of Optimization, Search Engines are easy to pick them up and show them in the first rows.

Here we can name Mouth Cancer as Keyword and Google, Yahoo .. etc as Search Engines (Remember these two terms)

seo - search engine optimization

Is SEO really Important

Yes, it is really very important. A search engine optimized blog will give you the following advantages;

  • Your blog starts appearing in search engine’s first rows.
  • Naturally, you will get more and more visitors or traffic  into your blog.
  • You can make more income from your blog when you have more visitors.

How to do SEO

There are 2 main processes involved to perform SEO, OnPage Optimization, and Off Page Optimization. For beginners, learning Search Engine Optimization course completely may be difficult and time-consuming. In this case, you can depend on certain plugins which we can install from your publishing platforms like WordPress, Joomla, OpenBlog…etc and follow the instructions to get optimized.

SEO Services

Best three SEO plugins for WordPress

Here we are suggesting 3 best plugins which you can use for WordPress.

  • #1 WordPress SEO by YOAST ( best among all )
  • #2 Broken Link Checker
  • #3 SEO Smart Link
  • Also, I suggest you, Register with OnPage.org. It will help you to perform the whole process of OnPage Optimization (detailed video tutorials). Remember OnPage.org is not a plugin.

Points to remember

  • It is not so important that you should buy these plugins.
  • Use only one Search Engine Optimization plugin.
  • If you are using Yoast SEO plugin, then do not activate Google XML Sitemap plugin.


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