Social Aider Review – A Free Tool to Automate Social Media Accounts

Social Aider Review

With the enormous development of technology in the modern world, the improvements in communication are exceptional. Social Media has gained a tremendous popularity in a very short time. Connecting with family, friends, relatives, and colleagues has become very easy now and so has the business networking or marketing.

Whether it be sharing images, videos, and spreading information, everything can be done instantly using social media. Sometimes, though, the hassle to keep up with different online platforms is overwhelming. Sharing selective and helpful content, engaging with the audiences, etc., is definitely important but is also time-consuming. This paved the path for various software and tools that can help you kill the stress of social media management. One such affordable and the new tool is “Social Aider“.

What is Social Aider

It is a social media scheduling tool that lets you post on Facebook (account & page), Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr simultaneously. It helps you in content scheduling for all Social media platforms at one place.


1) SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: The USP of social aider is that you can have an unlimited number of social media profiles and projects linked to it at no extra cost! This means you have the freedom to link as many profiles as you need and manage them all using the same dashboard. Whether you are a small firm or an individual with multiple social media accounts, Social Aider makes your life a little bit easier by providing a budget-friendly social media solutions.

2) BULK UPLOADING: Social Aider makes it super easy to schedule multiple posts, at once, on various social media platforms on the go. You can add curate content, add images, hashtags, set different time-zones, all while editing your posts in an excel sheet (Template available for download on Social Aider). Once you upload this excel file, all your posts are automatically scheduled to be posted on the date and time you set.

3) RSS FEEDS: You can keep your audience engaged by simply importing the RSS feed of your blog or industry influencers’ blogs into Social Aider. The RSS upload page consists of a dedicated hashtag box for you to mention people or, obviously, add hashtags.

4) HASHTAGS: Nowadays, hashtags have become prominent on social media. Social aider helps you add hashtags to each of your posts so that your post is visible when people talk about your topic online.

5) EDIT & DELETE POSTS: Any error, wrong file attachment, typo or a hurried scheduled post can easily be edited or, altogether, removed.

6) TIME ZONE: The posting time is highly crucial for your posts to score maximum reach and engagement. Posting when your targeted audience is most likely to be active on social media is your best bet to achieve all that. However, having a global audience corresponds to time difference issues. Social Aider provides you with the option of choosing different time zones for different posts, so your audiences never miss out on your content.


Now the million dollar question of the pricing structure of Social Aider arises! Firstly, Social Aider provides a one-year free trial which is inclusive of 150 posts in total and all the features mentioned above.

Secondly, you can upgrade your account anytime with a nominal rate of $4.99 per month for 300 posts and $11.85 per month for 1000 posts.

Thirdly, you can also customize your plan according to your own needs, by contacting social aider on their mail. Remember, the addition of social profiles on the tool is free and unlimited. They only charge you based on your posts.

This is a fairly affordable price compared to the other tools. Also, Social Aider is a new company so prices tend not to rise anywhere in the near future. Any assistance and information about Social Aider can be received by going through their site Socialaider.com or by contacting them using their live support online.

Conclusive review:

Social Aider is providing all the functions of a social media scheduler for such an affordable price that it’s difficult not to like it. The simple user interface of the tool is appealing as it gets the work done easily, without any confusion. What’s amazing is that it lets you link an unlimited number of social media accounts for free, which is a blessing for small firms and bloggers with multiple profiles. Even with a low budget, one can stay on track with their social media because of Social Aider and that’s the reason why I highly recommend using it. The decision to use the tool is made easier by signing up for its one-year free trial through which, you can experience all the features first hand, and then decide for yourself.

Today, time is money, especially for bloggers, professionals, marketers, etc. who require more productive outcome in less time. They must definitely give social aider a spin to manage their social media and save their time for other important stuff.

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