Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Social Media Marketing: Intro

Social Media Marketing is a form of digital or Internet Marketing that allows marketers to use social media platforms in order to achieve marketing, communication and brand goals for different clients. The exercise covers different activities that range from social sharing of content, videos, and images which are used to create brand awareness.

The goal of social media marketing is to generate content that will allow users to share via social networking platforms, therefore, helping businesses to increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. Social media networks usually feed onto the discovery of new content in the form of news and stories which are used to Link Building that helps to support SEO efforts.

Social Media Marketing

Today, businesses are moving away from traditional advertising tools like TV and radio as they are looking to go beyond borders in search of customers. Competition among businesses has increased and every business has improved its game in order to beat their rival. With social media marketing, businesses are able to take advantage of the available tools in order to gain an edge as well as increasing exposure to their brand, their products, and customers.

Social media marketing: Benefits

1.Helps with brand exposure

The main advantage of social media marketing is allowing a business brand to be recognized not only within the community but to potential customers worldwide. Social media platforms have become the excellent way for a business to introduce their brands. Today, many business people are abandoning the practice used before “if you build it, they will come.” The one thing you need to know as a business person is that when you start a business, do not expect hundreds or thousands of customers to start flocking in. They are unaware of your existence.

In order to make your business to be known, you need to use different marketing strategies. The best thing about social media is that having a sound strategy and content may result in it going Viral. Research has shown how important brand awareness is to a business.

2.Sales Increase

The majority of businesses have many goals when they start and some of the include making profits, expanding to other regions, being the best and selling more of their products to a wider market. When customers are aware of your brand, products, and services, you will be assured of many sales. This works well especially if you have an online store. There are many ways you can increase your sales through social media marketing. Writing posts that link products in order to target potential customers and using social media ads are some of the methods that can allow you to reach any demographic you want.

3.Customer service improvement

Businesses have been setting up Email ticketing systems and toll-free numbers in order to provide support. This has become expensive for many businesses as they have to pay for the calls. With social media accounts, the support service has become streamlined and less expensive for the business.

Today, many people are on social media and thanks to different tools like social pages which allow businesses to provide support service easily and cheaply. When a business is receptive to customer needs, customer loyalty will get to increase as well as the brand recognition.

4.Brand legitimization

Social media marketing allows a business to establish its brand as legitimate. Online users use search engines in order to search for different websites. When they find a new website, they use social media in order to find its page. Today, you will find the business with websites that are static which means they are not updated frequently.

When compared to social media pages, they are updated regularly with new posts, comments, photos, and videos. While a website helps to establish the brand of a business, social media helps to legitimize the brand.

According to research, customers who search for local businesses online will likely use businesses with social media pages than those with none. What you need to know is that poor social media marketing can delegitimize a brand.

When an online user visits a social media page for a business and finds that no updates have been forthcoming, the customer will assume the business has gone defunct.

Major social media Marketing Platforms


The social network is one of the largest in the world with more than a billion users. The company was started by Mark Zuckerberg and friends. Today, it has grown to provide users with more than a platform for just liking and meeting friends. Businesses can open pages for their products and brands which users like and also use to address their concerns.


The platform allows you to send short messages that number to 160 characters and have come to be known as tweets. You can follow other people and businesses as they can do the same for you. Businesses can also open their own pages to help improve brand recognition.


This is a social network that allows professionals to post their resumes as well as profiles. It is the go-to website for companies when head hunting for new professionals.


Commonly known as the largest and most popular video hosting service, YouTube has become a force to reckon with ever since it was bought by Alphabet (Google). It is the best social networking tool as it allows you to post videos.


This is one of the most powerful social media platforms that allows users to share content. It has over 2 billion page views a month and it only allows truly unique content.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

1.Have a goal that solves challenges

In order to ensure that your marketing becomes successful, you need to come up with goals that will be able to solve challenges. Here are 3 questions that can help you to come up with clear goals that will help to address the problems listed in the questions.

Are you a new business looking for brand recognition and product awareness?

Do you want to build a positive brand reputation for your business?

Is your customer loyalty very low?

These and other questions should be able to answer your queries finally allowing you to come up with clear goals.

2.Develop engaging content

Social media users today want to open their accounts and find useful updates from businesses about their products and services apart from the usual gossip from friends. If you want to attract customers as well as solidify current customer relationships, you need to create Content that is engaging. There are several tools that can allow you to do so. You can use photos, GIFs, videos or a simple post/tweet.

Your content should be able to address common problems before even your customer comes up with a question. It should provide information about your brand, products, and business.

3.Identify business opportunities

As a business, your goal is to beat your competition and always stay ahead of the competitors. Every day, billions of messages are being sent across social channels each day and there is no doubt some of them are about your brand. In order to identify business opportunities and take advantage of them, you need to conduct social monitoring. You can do this by brand mentions, using industry terms and gathering insights about your competitors.

4.Always engage, never ignore

As a business, one of the most important social media marketing strategies is always to engage your customers and never ignore anyone. Whether it is a stranger commenting on a post or they are writing on your wall, it is important to engage them always. Do not be negative even if the person is. Remember, your reputation is on the line and the posts will be viewed by many people. Always reply to comments and posts with positivity. This will help to create new and solidify existing customer service relationships.

5.Track and market yourself

To ensure that you are on the right path, you need to track your strategies performance as well as market yourself further. Marketing is an endless game and no single day will your business be recognized without you marketing yourself extensively. Social media tools are available to help you track the performance of different strategies from posts, comments to ads.


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