Start blog today – Step by step explanation

Start Blog Today

Let’s start blog today, Chapter 1. In the last article, we have discussed what is blogging, essentials things which are required to start a good blog. This article will give a detailed idea about, from where and how to start blogging. We hope that this article will help for all beginners to start a blog. We have explained everything step by step.

start blog today

Start Blog Today: Step by Step

Step 1 – Buy a Domain name & Hosting package

In the first step to start blog today, you must buy a domain name and a hosting package. Remember that, always buy a domain name and hosting package from the same company. Here are the Top 10 Web Hosting Companies, 2016 in terms of users review.

For Indian bloggers, I recommend Bluehost or Hostgator in terms of good customer support and another service. Within Rs.1,000/- you can own a domain name for one year and host package for one month. Create an account with your mail ID from one of the above hosting company and follow their instructions to complete your registration. Go for Multi-Domain package. In future, if you buy one more domain to create a new blog, hosting will be free with this package.

NoteDomain name is nothing but your site name/identity (example:- www.getmymoney.in, here GetMyMoney.in is the domain name). Take time and choose a good one. It can’t be changed later. Select a domain name which is relevant to your blog’s subject (example www.cancer.org. This website is about cancer

NoteHosting means buying a store on the server to keep your blog/website data and it can be accessed over the internet.

Step 2 Open the C-panel

As soon as you complete your registration, your hosting company will provide you a username, password, and a link to open the C-panel (control panel). There are three ways to open the control panel,

1st method:- 

Click on the C-panel link (link has given in your mail)


Enter your username and password

(If you get error or unable to log in, go for second method)

2nd method:- 

open a new tab in the browser page and type


(example – www.amazon.in:2082)

Please enter your username and password. Refer your email for username and password which has emailed you at the time of hosting registration from your hosting site.

3rd method:- 

Login to your hosting site (example:- www.hostgator.com)

Manage orders

List/Search orders

Click on domain name

Click on Manage web hosting

Your C-panel is opened

Step 3 Set up your website/blog theme

This is the final step to set up your blog. Here you must choose your blog/website’s theme from any options like WordPress, Open Blog, Serendipity… etc. In my opinion, choose WordPress. It is the best option for blogging. It has hundreds of free themes and plugins.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Please click on below chapters for further settings/setup of your blog.

Chapter 2 – Install WordPress

Chapter 3- After downloading WordPress

Chapter 4 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Chapter 5 – Yoast SEO Plugin, Set Up Webmaster Tool & Sitemap

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