Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a form of Digital Marketing where marketers use social media platforms to achieve their marketing goals. The below chart is published by SocialMediaExaminer and on the base of this chart let’s take a look on the Top 10 benefits of Social Media Marketing. According to the Social Media Marketing Industry, since 2015 the above order of the benefits has never changed. So I hope that this is the best chart to study the top 10 benefits.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1.Increase in Exposure

89% of the marketers say that their exposure level has phenomenally increased through social media marketing. They say that by spending 6 hours in a week they got exceptional exposure for their business. Out of this 89%, 92% marketers who did marketing by themselves and 88% employed someone to perform this task.

2.Increase in Traffic

79% of the marketers say that by spending 6 hours in a day their web traffic has increased a lot. Also, Social Media Marketing Industry reported that people who increased their web traffic through social medias are more than 1 year of experience in Social Media Marketing.

3.Created more Loyal Fans

68% of the marketers found that social media platforms are the best source to create loyal fans for their brands. These marketers are also experienced more than one 1 year in SMM platforms. And the interesting fact is that B2C marketers more likely to prefer social media marketing than B2B marketers to build the loyal fans.

4.Best for Marketplace Insights

66% of are voted for Marketplace Insights. They say that social platforms are the best choice to collect marketplace insights than any other medias.

5.Generate loyal leads

Leads are always the backbone of every brand. Leads may convert into sales easily at any time if marketers do the proper follow ups and campaigns. Through social media marketing also 66% of the marketers were able to create real leads. It is one of the best benefits if you can shed a little time in social platforms.

6.Increases Search Ranking

Marketers always remember that more shares in social medias will improve your web PageRank in search engines. If your content is able to get more than 5000 retweets on Twitter, of course, your website will come to the first position in Google’s Search Result Page for that particular content or web page. More shares will create more web page relevancy. It is a hidden scenario most of the site owners do not know. Also, 58% of the marketers agreed to this fact when we consider the Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing. But of course, they too agree that at least it may take 6 months to 1 year time.

7.Growth in Business Partnership

55% of the marketers experienced that they were able to gain new business partnership through social media presence over the period of 2 years. According to the industry survey, B2B is more benefited than B2C. So you should not neglect this fact.

8.Established in Thought Leadership

Before I explain the benefits, let me explain what is Thought Leadership?

Thought Leadership is nothing but a way of increasing or creating demand for a particular product or service.

In SMM benefits, 54% of the marketers are experienced to Thought Leadership with the help of social platforms. But here also B2B are gaining more than B2C.

9.Sales Improvement

It is a crucial benefit which has been agreed by the most of the marketers. When we consider marketers review, 51% of them are agreed that they took the time to develop a relationship with their customers through social media platforms, but it helped them to improved their sales. Also, these all marketers are engaged in social medias for more than 2 years.

10.Less Marketing Expenses

This is really happy to hear that 50% of the users say that their marketing expenses are decreased with the help of SMM. They say that it is one of the best cost-effective marketing methods with more output.


You cannot avoid social media platforms when it comes to digital marketing since the active users of the social media platforms in the world are more than 2 billion in a day. Is it not a good number? So utilize this numbers for your business growth. Also, we thank SocialMediaExaminer for giving this wonderful info about the Top 10 benefits of Social Media Marketing in hands with SMM Industry.

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