Top 10 Reasons Why Startups Fail in Digital Marketing Campaign

Why Startups fail in Digital Marketing campaign

The recent survey did by ‘Ascend’ reveals that 88 percentage of the Startups fail in Digital Marketing campaign. It says that 19% startups totally fail in their Digital Marketing campaign and 69% are somewhat successful. There are hundreds of reason behind the failure but more vote goes to the lack of money and lack of proper vision and strategies. 8% of the startups don’t even know the real reasons behind it. Our backend team did a survey and studied various companies to find a solution to overcome this issue especially in India. There we found more than multiple solutions to overcome this issue 86%. So let’s discuss it in detail;

success ratio of Startups in Digital Marketing Campaign

Startups fail in Digital Marketing campaign – Top 10 Reasons

Top most 10 reasons why the Startups fail in Digital Marketing Campaign

1.Expecting the Success in One day

Most of the startups have a tendency to compare the stats of the other’s successful story in a digital marketing campaign. They feel that it will duplicate for them too over a night. There are various reasons behind if someone’s strategy became a success over a night. We can’t expect the same miracle for our campaign. We should have the patience to do trail and error. Remember, Rome never built in a day.

Of course, Digital Marketing is so powerful. But you should have the patience to achieve sustainable growth, permanent visibility, and consistent results. You should not loose the hope. Anytime it will turn around. Do trail and error, one start working out better.

2.Neglecting the Cost per Acquisition

We are disappointed to say that 63% of the Startups fail in Digital Marketing campaign is because of the deterioration of the cost per lead. They spent in the campaign but didn’t take care of the leads generated through it. They were back to direct sales. Most of the cases, sales never generate without communication. A lead is almost of equal to sales if we nurture (follow-up) properly.

3.Started Outsourcing

Another reason behind the failure. As soon as startups start their campaign, they hand over their campaign to a third party called outsourcing companies. There is an ancient proverb, “No one will take care of our child as we do”. This is what happen when we outsource. If you have a lack of time, you can outsource. But at least you must track their day to day activities from your company. You must have a communication at least weekly basis.

Startups fail in Digital Marketing campaign - Top 10 Reasons

4.Decision Making did by Technical Team

Digital Marketing, a term itself says that online or internet ‘Marketing’. 25% Technology and 75% Marketing. Marketing itself is a skill and requires expertise knowledge to take the right decision. A marketing professional will take the right decision by studying the present market and its tendency (Buyer’s Tendency). But most of the failures happened in unsuccessful campaigns are by the technologists. The company had given the power to take the decision and execute them by technologists rather than marketing professionals. You must have a core team for marketing. They are the right people to analyze the market and its trends.

5.Non-Customer focused Campaign

End of the day, business will success if they get customers. But if we start focusing on the untargeted audience? Of course, business will fail. 42% percentage of the startups, they spend their penny on the untargeted audience to build their brand name, social likes, and other impacts. But it didn’t work for them as well as they wasted their money too.

6.Recruiting without goal  

23% of the startups they fail in Digital Marketing campaign by hiring unwanted teams. They just hired to show off. But unfortunately, the team was not the right hand to take off. You are doing business to earn a profit, not to show off. Hire a minimum team, but do not compromise the quality. A small team with clear vision is better than the quantity.

7.Social Media Ads are High Priority

When it comes to branding, social medias are the vital stone. But if it leads generation, PPC or SEO is the right step. 32% of the startups wasted their money on a social media campaign, ended with zero leads. A brand name can build at any time when your business is stable. To stable your business, PPC or SEO is the right step.

10 goals of Startups to success in Digital Marketing campaign

8.Content is the king, don’t ignore it

43% of the startups failed due to neglecting the importance of content. You can’t replace the impact of the content with other strategies. Maintain a blog on your website, write it and update it regularly. Share it in social media groups and generate visitors or drive traffic.

Also, content is the best medium to solve your customer’s doubts. Through the content marketing, you can build the trust. People will ask questions,content is the best medium to sort it out. So never neglect the importance of content in your website as a blog.

9.Lack of the latest Technologies

Due to the latest technology, tools, and software, 8% of the startups failed in their Digital Marketing campaign. As a company, you must be updated with the latest technology to attract your visitors as well as to improve the performances. Be a Googler! Don’t waste your time for unwanted things. Digital components are kept on changing. Be updated with the latest technologies.

10.Use multiple tricks

33% of the startups are failed due to the single result generators. Don’t expect that Digital Marketing itself can create magics for your business. You must also consider the other traditional tricks to generate more leads and sales. If one fails also, other will take care your business and the leads or sales.