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Benefits of Blogging for Business

There are so many benefits of Blogging for Business in the present industry. In fact, Blogposts or Contents are one of the top most priorities in any online strategies. By keeping the customer engagement in your mind, publishing an informative as well as well-written content can help in;

  • Driving Web traffic
  • Generating more leads/conversions
  • Engaging with the current customers more effectively
  • Distinguishing you from other businesses on the same niche
  • Developing interest in your products or services

And the best benefits of blogging for business is these contents will stay constantly and continue its teachings for a long period once you published.

Here I would like to explain the top most 5 benefits of blog posts which will really help your business to jump into the next phase. Also, I added some examples of companies who are really doing great because of blogging.

Top 5 Benefits of Blogging for Business are

1.Drive More Traffic

If you publish an interesting & informative content regularly, it will give users a reason to visit your site frequently. It may not the same graph for businesses who are irregular in blogging. As per Hubspot survey, B2B or B2C companies, who generate more sales or leads, are regular in blogging than others who do irregular or not at all.

image courtesy: Hubspot

As you all know, it is an open secret that if you have more traffic, naturally it will generate more leads, more submissions to your contact forms, or more natural inquiries. But the major point you must remember that the content which you create must be able to speak to your target audience or accomplish their needs.

2.Helps to Pull New Users

How many of you do a research in online before buying any products or services? How many of you read a review or informative content before taking the final decision? Yes, of course, we all do the same. I personally do more than 10 times before buying anything from online. I preferably watch YouTube videos and Google research before any major decision. Your customers are also same.

So, it is always worth to create more informative content & spending more time to create the same. It will drive more traffic than the usual if you are busy with creating & publishing more and more contents which are related to your products or services. Of course, it will generate more leads too.

One live example, the benefits of blogging for business;

  • If you have a cloth boutique, you may write about the latest trends & styles of the clothes per season. You may include your predictions on the upcoming trends. Don’t you feel it may drive more traffic and generate sales gradually?
  • An interior designer can write about the Interior Improvement Tips. Also, showcasing some of his best works on the site with description will help your customers to understand your skills.

But remember, your content must be SEO friendly so that, gradually it will reach to more users and it will nurture your business. Also, create a contact form for the further communication.

3.Best Way to Showcase Your Portfolios

As you all know that, clients always need a trustworthy partner to do business with. A blog is the best way to portrait your old projects. The content in the blog about your past services or projects with good images or videos will help to build a trust on your business. Is it not a good benefit? Let’s take some examples;

  • A Beautician
  • A Graphic Designer
  • A Contractor

People who are in the above categories can easily reach to potential customers, build trust with portfolios & convert users into customers easily by blogging with high-quality images or videos.

The best way do the above task, you may depend on any content management system like WordPress. Create a website on WordPress since it is user-friendly. Also, don’t forget to create a Facebook page in your company name, share the portfolios which are there on your website, and publish latest updates on the walls which are related to your industry. Users must know that you are aware of the latest technologies and the news happening in your niche.

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4.One Time Effort

As you all know, once you publish an article, Google will index that and show to the relevant searches long after posting it. It will be there in the Google’s database and you may continue to get leads from the same article long after 1 year. It doesn’t mean that you should stop posting in future. Keep on publishing new & unique contents one after another. At least 1 blog in a week. We don’t know which content will give the most leads.

How to create a unique & great content

5.Two Types of Blogs You must Know

Based on our users, there are 2 types of blogs;

  • Need-Based Blogs
  • Want-Based Blogs

Tax Consulting or Legal Related blogs are some examples of Need-Based blogs, people spend their leisure time and read these blogs to collect the latest updates on the industry. These blogs are mainly for giving solutions, connecting with people to provide answers.

Want-Blogs are nothing but creating an impulse on the readers to buy it after reading the content or make them feel, I Want It! For example, if you are in clothing or beauty industry, your content must be so creative or interesting to generate impulse on your readers. They feel to buy it by reading your content or seeing your product images. Gradually, your content will turn your local business into a royal brand in the local market if you maintain a good tone on your content.

So it is very important to know that where your business is standing. Want or Need? Create content based on that.

Final Thought

I hope you are convinced about the top benefits of blogging for business. No matter where you are standing now. Understand your industry and customers, start an effective blogging. Gradually you will see wonders. It will capture and nurture leads and engage and attract new users. Have a happy business with blogging. Awaiting for your response in terms of suggestions, ideas or feedback.

Awaiting for your response in terms of suggestions, ideas or feedback.