7 Ways Video Marketing Can Make You Rich

Video Marketing: The Evolution

Video marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing marketing types in the world. Whether you are offering socks or rocket ships – video marketing can play a huge part in whether you turn a dollar’s profit or a hundred thousand dollars. But what is video marketing? Quite simply it is incorporating video into your marketing campaigns and it has great value in promoting your company, product or your service.

Why Video Marketing

There are numerous reasons why one would want to choose video marketing over many traditional marketing plans. First off video has the ability to transmit huge amounts of information quickly and concisely. Imagery has the ability to convey much more sometimes than hundreds of pages of text can – quickly and effectively. For instance – a video game trailer can easily tell you if you might be interested in playing that game. The idea is the same for video marketing. You command the attention of your audience for a short time in an effort to engage them and promote a sale or perhaps simply to get a message out. There is no current medium that has proven more effective than video marketing.

video marketing

So how is this possible? Video marketing has several advantages going for it. The most important one being it has analytics attached to it. Analytics is the study of views and demography of your customers. With analytics you can understand where your customers originate from, such as which website they found your video on, what country they may be from and in some instances their age and sex. Companies that use this powerful technique include Facebook and Google.

Video Marketing is also easily searchable, simply applying tags to your video can often help you get a better vision in SEO based search engines. Better visibility means you can pop up on search results much higher in the list, allowing the potential customer immediate access to your work. Video marketing also adds a wow factor to your Internet Marketing efforts. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

Video marketing easily sets you apart from the crowd and puts a face to your brand. It can also help convey complex information more clearly. Video information is much more likely to go viral (become widespread) and as such it is a very powerful marketing tool. But how is this so?

Video Marketing Strategies

In a world littered with competition, it’s important to have the plan to succeed with video marketing. Here is a basic outline of the things you need to do in order to be successful.

1.Dedicate Resources

Any good marketing attempt needs a strategy for success. You need to have a general idea of what you want to accomplish and who to market to as well. All of this will cost money, so having a good idea of what you need to accomplish will determine how much you need to set aside from advertising costs.

2.Figure Out What Stories You Want To Tell

Be sure to choose a story that is appropriate for your video marketing project. For instance, if you were making a video on cancer awareness you might choose a cancer survivor and draw upon their story which brings us to our next point.

3.Show People Not Just Products

With the example based on the cancer survivor, you could place that person in your video – this would give your appeal a more genuine tone and help people relate with your marketing attempt.

4.Keep Them Short

In this day and age, people are notorious for getting bored quickly, you need to get your point across efficiently, and in a way that will engage your potential customers in a short amount of time. Long videos run the risk of boring your clients.

5.Never Fade To Black- always call to action your customer

A call to action is a simple and effective way to direct traffic to your site, get people to try your product and much more. It sounds very basic, but don’t underestimate the power of command. Also, be sure to command and never ask, asking gives the person you are connecting with the chance to mentally decide on yes or no, since you want that person to follow through, just say “do it”!

6.Be Smart About Where People Can View Your Content

Make sure that your content is placed in areas where it is context associated. For instance, you would not get many customers selling fishing bait on a foot care website. Likewise, you want to make sure that your content is placed on a page where it can easily and readily be seen – otherwise, you run the risk of never gaining exposure.

7.Prioritize Measurement And Analytics

Measuring performance is the only way to know whether your videos are working. Don’t settle for less or sell yourself short. It is always helpful to collect data on how your videos are watched and how people engage with them.

Creating Viral Video in Video Marketing – Business Tips

Don’t be “too good” for marketing. Expose yourself, and consider marketing and advertising services if you really want to get your product or concept out there. In the end, it could be the difference between success and failure.

  • Understand how things go viral on the internet – Viral Marketing. A working knowledge will go a long way to success.
  • Release on Monday or Tuesday. Statistics show this is the time people are most active online.
  • Figure out who has a stake in your video and appeal to them directly!
  • None of this matters if your video isn’t good. Make sure you appeal with great content.
  • Tell a story but keep it short and simple.. and finally, write a viral title.
  • A good title is the quickest way to ensure that your work not only goes viral but spreads quickly. Something short and easy to remember is usually best.

The Wrap Up

Like any marketing tool, when done correctly video marketing can be extremely helpful in reaching out with your brand , you can also keep track of who is viewing your video, how effective it is, as well as who the video appeals to, making video marketing a very powerful tool.


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