8 Killer Tips to Improve Web Page Relevancy

Web Page Relevancy

Web Page Relevancy is one of the most important factors in SEO to improve page ranking. When we search something on Search Engines, before displaying search results, it goes through major five steps. Those steps are Crawling, Indexing, Processing, Calculating the Relevancy of the web pages and Retrieving Results or Displaying Search Results. Read more about How to Search Engine Works

Web Page Relevancy

Among of lakhs web pages with the same keyword, there are certain pages will display on search engine’s first page. Have you thought that, How these web pages are different from others? How do they appear on the first page of the search engines? It is only because of the Web Page Relevancy. These web pages are more relevant than others. Search Engines ranked them on top based on its relevancy.

So here I would like to discuss certain points which can improve our web page relevancy.

Web Page Relevancy – 8 Killer Tips

1.Make interesting contents: – Publish great articles which are interesting to the readers. It should be simple and easy to understand. These kinds of articles or contents will make our website popular as well as our readers may share our contents in social medias. These small shares will increase the relevancy of our web page.

You can use Buzzsumo.com to find the most shared contents in social medias.


2.A focused keyword presence: –  Always write articles with a Focused Keyword. But most of the time our keyword may have high competition. Here we should be a little  creative.  Use “New Incognito Window” (you can find on the right top corner of your computer. “≡” This is the symbol. Click on that) and search for a title with your keyword in the double inverted comma. If google is showing “no result found”, then you are lucky. Use that title only. Google Hummingbird will take care of your web page and it will come on the first page so shortly.

(Example: – I planned to write an article about How to become Rich. Here ‘Rich’ is my keyword. First, I will search in Incognito Window, “How to become Rich”. (Don’t forget to put the title in between the double inverted comma). Unfortunately, there are so many web pages appeared. Again I searched with some other Title like “Amazing Tips to become Rich”. Wow!!! No results found. Without a second thought, I will use this Title for my post. Hummingbird will take care of my post to reach the first page of Google Search result’s even that keyword is having a huge competition)

Ubersuggest.io you can use to make the list of wonderful keyword combinations.

3.Take the help of your Region: – If it is applicable write your post with the support of regional name. ‘Best SEO services in Las Vegas’ is an example. It is not applicable for every post you write. But certain post’s title can publish with the help of regional name. Especially anyone who search from Las Vegas will see your post. It may appear on google first result’s page. 

4.Go for Unique Title Names: – Title name always has a power in improving page relevancy. Research to find a unique Title name. Refer tip 2 for more ideas. Also, try to use the synonyms of your keyword if it is available. Google Hummingbird will help you to appear on the first page.

5.Try for more than 750 words: – When you write any article, with quality, quantity is also more important. Instead of publishing short-word (just 300 words) articles, take two-three days time and publish an article which has enough quantity as well as quality. It is not applicable to every case. But try your level best since it brings you more relevancy.

6. Give impressive Meta Tags: – Meta Tags not only impress readers but also search engines. Try to use unique meta tags. Focused keyword must be there in your meta tag. 

7.Use Hyperlinks: – Hyperlinks are nothing but a reference to a particular data which directs our readers to reach that data by clicking or hovering. “Start Blog Today” this link is a hyperlink. If you click on that link, it will direct you to one of my web page or to another  website. 

Build relevant hyperlink in your article. You can see some of my red-marked links are hyperlinks which direct within my website. This kind of hyperlinks will increase your page relevancy. But please don’t do so much. It will read as spams by search engines.

8.Take care of your first Paragraph: – Be careful while writing your first para. Search engines will give more importance for this. So it should be keyword rich. But don’t use repeatedly. One or two is more than enough.  

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