Website Traffic: Retain vs Boost

Website Traffic

“How to increase my Website Traffic? How can I reach one million visitors in a month?……… etc”

Are you still behind these questions…..??????????

I will try to solve your all queries. But before that, I would like to share you something about my experience in this blogging maze.

When I started my blogging career, I was also so intense like every new blogger. Every day I used to publish a new article, I got excited the day when I had reached my first hundred visitors, the day I got approval from Adsense, the first click on my Adsense Ad, the day I got approval from Affiliate Advertising Network….etc. I was totally enjoying those days.

Website Traffic- Retain vs Boost

But shortly, I came to know that my website traffic was not crossing more than 500 visitors in a day. I became upset and I started thinking deeply that, why I am not able to cross more 500 visitors? After a lot of homework and research, finally, I identify that I am not able to RETAIN my visitors.

Website Traffic – 2 Secret Keys to Increase it

As a blogger, remember these two Secret Keys;


Boosting is nothing giving maximum exposure to your website and it contents. It will bring more organic(new) visitors into your site. These are the most common methods to boost your website and it contents;

1.Sharing on social medias

It is a Powerful method. Share all your contents on your social pages. Meantime share your contents on others’ social pages and groups (Ex: – others’ facebook pages & groups) and communities (Ex: – Google+ communities). Always join in related groups and communities. Using Instagram is also one of the best ways to increase new visitors.

2.Giving Ads

You can give ads on social medias, AdWords or other PPC programs about your website. Up to 30% Searchers may click on Ads by the Search Engines. Select certain keywords and give ads on those keywords. It will bring more visitors to your website.


Search Engine Optimized web pages will always get more traffic. To optimize your web page for Search engines OnPage Optimization is very important.

These methods will increase the Organic Visits. But if you fail to attract your first visitors to revisit your website, Boosting will become totally useless.

In this case, you should use the second Secret Key;


Retaining is nothing but holding/attracting your existing or new visitors to revisit your website again and again. If you are successful in Retaining, within three months your blog starts getting more than thousand visitors per day.

Tips to retain your visitors;


If your visitor is satisfied with your content, he/she will revisit your website again. Also, he will promote your website(word of mouth), share your contents on social medias and subscribe your blog too. Always try to create a great content. A reader must get maximum answers for his query from your post. Use an easy language, every reader may not be professionals.


Support them to improve their site. If they write you, give proper answers for their queries. Do not neglect their queries. Remember, “when he grows, you also grow”.

3.Easy to Navigate

Make a clean website. Make it easy to find everything such as categories, posts, search box…etc. Maintain a wonderful and eye-catching design.

4.Page Speed

Your Page Load Time is very important. If it is slow, visitors may leave fast.

5.Proper links

Give proper links to get more information. See the above link, it is an example.

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