What is the Difference between Content Writer and Copywriter

Difference between Content Writer and Copywriter

Is there any difference between Content Writer and Copywriter? Do you think that it is just some fancy name used in the industry?

Most of us think that both are similar since both write contents either in online or offline. But in fact, both are entirely different. You can assume as they are the different two sides of the same coin. I too agree that their certain set of skills are similar but there is a clear set of difference between Content Writer and Copywriter. Let’s take a look.

Difference between Content Writer and Copywriter

Who is a Content Writer

In an easy way, if I define who is a Content Writer, he is nothing but who writes content. But this definition doesn’t suit to him properly. So I must elaborate the definition.

The content writer is nothing but who creates a wide range of contents which are search engine optimized (SEO). It is in the form of written word and long form. And also, it must be rich in information.

And also, a content writer always creates the contents by considering meta tag, keyword density, title and header tags. So that it is easy to optimize, free from Content Optimization Mistakes. Contents will be long forms always.

Examples are whitepapers, articles, blog posts, newspaper and magazine features…etc

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Who is a Copywriter

A copywriter is nothing but who writes or creates short form words (copy) which are specially designed for traditional advertising or Digital Advertising campaigns such as Straplines, Press Ads, Headlines…etc

Copywriters must be able to evoke the audiences, capable of creating an impact with the short words, capable of creating a strong presence through Banner Design and Digital Ads…etc They can follow either jovial or humorous tone for their short words. But it must be effective in terms of creating audiences for the brands.

Examples are Headlines, Straplines, Press ads…etc

The Difference between Content Writer and Copywriter in terms of task

When we consider these professions, both are tough in terms of task. But the major differences are;

  • Content writers must be well planned to get effective results where copywriter can do peak performance even at the last minute.
  • In terms of workload, Copywriting is lesser than content writing.
  • In terms of campaigns, copywriters may not survive if they are not enough creative but content writers’ doors are always opened. If one is closed another will open soon.
  • In terms of developing relationship with customers, building web traffic, creating a brand name for their business, both has to work hard and there are no specific workload differences in this task.


Both are required for an effective content marketing strategy. It totally depends on what you want to do in your business and hire the specific professionals according to that. You cannot avoid these writers either in traditional advertising or in digital marketing campaigns.