White Hat SEO is the right SEO Tactics

What is White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO, also known as Ethical SEO, is nothing but the usage of certain optimization technique, tactics, and strategies which are purely  focused on the human audience and also, properly follows the entire search engine rules and policies. It is totally designed to improve your website’s position on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) naturally. It is absolutely an approved method in Search Engine Optimization.

white hat seo

When you create a content, make sure that it must be rich in information as well as can able to satisfy your reader’s intent. In this perspective, if you approach SEO, it is easy to perform White Hat SEO. Using unethical spammy tricks (Black Hat SEO) may not give you long lasting results. SEO White hat may take the time to give you results like giving traffic, but once it reaches its peak your website will be one of the tops in SERP.

White Hat SEO Techniques

So let’s discuss how to perform SEO White Hat and how easily we can complete this task. Here, we will go through all necessary points and major techniques to perform it;

Keyword Research on Searcher’s Demand (Technique #1)

The first and the most important point you should remember that, do keyword research on “what audience really want or collect the real data of what searchers are looking for” within your niche. Also, select the keywords in order to afford the competition level which your site can take on the present  scenario and still get results. After finding the right keywords;

  • Include the focused keywords in Title Tag, URL, Image Alt Tag, Meta and Body Content.
  • Include related keywords, which are related to your focused keyword, in the Body Content.
  • Use the focused keyword in the Internal Links, Anchor Text, to the new content.
  • Use synonyms of the focused keyword if the keyword Density is more than the allotted percentage.
  • Avoid keyword Stuffing
  • Don’t compromise on the quality of the content over quantity.

If you really want to know the current position of your site in SERP, which keywords will suit more for your site to get easy ranking..etc, you can take help from Alexa or Moz. But it is a paid service. If you are not interested in spending, use Google Keyword Planner and go through Keyword Ideas. It will give the searcher’s data on your target keyword.

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Content must answer Search Intent (Technique #2)

While creating an SEO content focus that it must be able to answer searchers’ intent. I mean to say that your content should be able to satisfy your reader. To perform this technique;

Think from a searcher’s perspective while you are creating a content. Searchers are always looking for;

  • Learn something or
  • Find solutions to a problem
  • Buy something

So create a content according to their intent. Remember these points;

  • If the Keyword is a question, content should the answer.
  • Include maximum resources in the content to solve the reader’s problem.
  • Make sure that your Title Tag and Meta description are relevant to the content. If it is irrelevant, the searcher will bounce. If Bounce rate is more Google will understand that your page is irrelevant and page rank will go down in the SERP.

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Building Confidence with Google (Technique #3)

Google should know what is your content about. It will help Google to index your web page, rank your page according to the relevancy, place your web page under the right keyword and show it on the right search terms. So how can we help Google to perform this task?

There are three ways;

  • The First one is On-Page Signal. By adding the focused keyword on Title, URL,Meta, Image Alt and Body Content will help Google to understand what your page about.
  • Second is On-Site Signal. It is nothing but Internal Links, linking within your site with related pages which are already crawled.
  • Third is Off-Site Signal. The third party, a trustworthy, site is giving links to your site. It will increase the relevancy of your website. But unrelated third party linking may not build this trust. I mean to say that linking without target keyword from a third party may spoil your relevancy. If the third party has linked to your web page with the target keyword will consider as White Hat. Otherwise, it is a Black Hat practice. It may take the time to get link build, so have patience.

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If you are really looking for a natural ranking and web traffic, try only White Hat SEO techniques, not just spammings (Black Hat SEO). But you must have patience. Try to complete the searcher’s intent and try to satisfy their queries through your great content, after a period you will enjoy unlimited natural traffic from Search Engines.

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