Yoast SEO Plugin – Complete Tutorial

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin, chapter 5, is one of the best and most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. Blindly you can use this plugin for Content Optimization or Web Page Optimization. Best advantages of Yoast SEO Plugin are given below;

  • Add meta value for homepage and single post
  • It creates sitemap for your blog/website
  • Social Media optimized
  • Edit robots.txt & .htaccess
  • It controls indexing of your blog/website

Here we have tried to give a step by step tutorial about, how to set up Yoast SEO Plugin (free version) in WordPress.

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*Important Note Before downloading Yoast, Go to the Dashboard » Settings » Permalinks » Common Settings » Select ‘Post Name’ » Save it.

yoast SEO plugin

How to Install Yoast SEO Plugin

Go to your WordPress Dashboard » Plugins » Add New » Search for Yoast SEO » Install » Activate Plugin(after the successful install).

Yoast SEO Plugin – Manual Settings


Here you can find five subcategories,

General :- Leave as it is.

Your Info :- Website name – Your Website Name (example – Just My Choice). Alternate Name :- Leave this option blank. Company or Person :- For Blogs, it is better to select as Person and give your full name. And for Websites, give your company name & company logo.

Webmaster Tool :- See below. We have given a video tutorial about how to set up Webmaster tool.

Security :- Do not check/enable the box, leave it blank.

OnPage.Org :- Check the box and enable it.

Finally, save it.

Title & Meta

This is your site identity. Whatever you mention, it will appear in search engines when people search you in Google, Yahoo…etc

Here you can find 6 subcategories;

General :- Select your desired Title Separator. In this case, I prefer the first symbol ie “-“.

Homepage :-

» Title Template :-Keep only this much %%sitename%% %%sep%% %%sitedesc%%. Rest thing you can remove, example – “%%title%%”.

» Meta description templates :- Give a description about your blog. Example :-“JustMyChoice is a chosen blog, known for practical methods of blogging …etc”. It will appear in search engines.

Post Types :- Do not check/enable any box on this page. Leave as it is.

Taxonomies :-

» In Categories :- Only in Title Templates – Remove other thing and just type “type” in this column.

» Tags & Format :- Check/enable the boxes of Meta Robots in both. Remaining options leave as it is.

Archives:- Follow this image and do changes whatever we mentioned in this image. Remaining options leave as it is.

Yoast SEO Plugin Archives

Other :- Only check one box which is “Noindex subpages of archives”. And save it.


Account section :- enter your social page’s URLs. Remaining sections leave as it is and save it.

XML Sitemaps

General – Check/enable the Sitemap functionality. Click on “XML sitemap” and confirm that the below page opens. If it is showing any error, don’t worry, just refer above video. It will help you, how to set up XML.

And also set 1000 as Max entries per sitemap.

Yoast SEO plugin xml sitemap

User Sitemap :- Enable both boxes.

Post Types :- Enable/check Sitemap functionality. But do not check other boxes such as post, page, media &

Excluded Post :- Check/enable sitemap functionality. But “Post to exclude” leave it blank.

Taxonomies :- Check/enable all the boxes including categories, tags, and formats.


Breadcrumbs :- Do not enable/check the box.

Permalink :-  Only enable this box, “Remove stop words from slugs”. Other boxes leave as unchecked.

RSS :- leave as it is. Don’t change anything.


No need to do anything in Tools. Leave as it is.

Search Console

Directly go to Settings and click on “Authenticate with Google”. You will get a code from google. Copy and paste that code and authenticate it. After successful authentication, check other options such as mobile, desktop… etc. If any URLs are showing 404 response code, then download Safe Redirect Plugin and redirect those 404 URLs to the correct target. After redirect, do “Mark as fixed”.


Leave this option as it is. It is useful for people who planned to buy the Premium Version of Yoast SEO. It is not so important that you have to own the premium version.

You can refer YouTube and find out plenty of videos in different languages about Yoast SEO Plugin complete tutorials. Also, I suggest you register with OnPage.org to use this plugin effectively. OnPage.org is not a plugin but it has a lot of video tutorials to improve your OnPage Optimization with Yoast SEO Plugin. It is absolutely free.


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